Monday, January 31, 2011

Its a Jolly Holiday

So my promised vacation post is here! Yaaaay! An honest moment: no one is really going to want to read my trip review. SO! I have decided to post a TON of pictures (not really, I didn't take that many pictures) because pictures are much more fun. So without further ado, my Jolly Disney Holiday.

This is my twin. Not literally but he is my best friend whom I happened to meet while on the CP. My ability to go on this Disney Va-cay was in large part do to him since he is the person that I stayed with while in Orlando. As you can see we are goons. I think I maybe have like 3 normal pictures of us in my possession and all of the pictures I have of us from this trip are weird ones. These are actually all of the pictures. Baha.


First thing I did was go to Hollywood Studios and visit my very good friend June. I love this little ballerina. I unintentionally wore a purple skirt and so we kinda matched. :)

Woody as a chia-pet. Or at least that is what one guest called him.

I love these girls. :) Some of the all important (and often mentioned) Super Amazing Training Group! <3! <3! <3!

I saw some cool animals at AK. The elephant actually moved and ate some leaves off a tree. And behold! The K. Safari Lion was actually up and about! I got some pretty cool pictures of him.

I went to Magic Kingdom with Flat Kaylen and took some pictures with awesome characters. Tink gave her bunny ears. :) Later on I met up with the wonderful Luz.

Luz and I took part in the hoe-down thing that has a name which I don't remember in Frontierland. Horace Horsecollar was a gentleman and escorted us towards Splash Mountain.

Near the end of my trip I went to Hollywood Studios with my twin and saw Beauty and the Beast from the VIP seats at the front. I got some pretty awesome pictures of the show.

I will end this really long picture post with a picture of me in front of the castle. I surprisingly did not suffer from PDD when I returned home. I am just so much more determined to get back there as soon as I can. 102 days till graduation and the freedom to return to my beloved Orlando.


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