Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tick Tok: The coutdown is almost done!

Well hello everyone!

I am back from my Disney vacation. It was quite fun although if I'm honest I probably didn't take as much advantage of my time as I should have. But oh well. Can't change that now.

We are currently down to about 4 days till applications come out. In case anyone is wondering how I came about the end date for the countdown, I shall tell the tale. Basically for the past Fall application seasons the apps have come out on January 20th at about 4 o'clock. That is the reason for the assumption that apps for the Fall will come out this Thursday. I seem to remember that in the past applications have generally come out on Fridays, so its possible that they will come out the 21st. Who knows. We (we being the collective group of prospective Fall 2011 applicants) hope they will come out some time this week.

Since applications will be out so soon, I plan on working on that interview prep/tips entry. It will be up either today or tomorrow since I start school on Tuesday. I will also probably post some pictures from my vacation.

And speaking of school (since everyone who reads this cares so much about my school saga), I may not be graduating this May. I found out recently that I only have 99 credit hours right now. I need 120 to graduate. If you do the math that means I would have to complete 21 hours this semester to graduate in May. I'm honestly not sure that is going to happen. I am going to meet with someone on Wednesday to talk about my predicament and figure out what I can do. This doesn't change my plan to do the Fall Advantage CP. One way or another I am leaving Austin in May and not coming back for school ever again. I may end up having to graduate in August and take an ACE course on my CP to make up the hours I will need to graduate.

Love you all!

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