Thursday, January 13, 2011

1 Year Anniversery

Today marks my one year anniversary with the Walt Disney Company. A year ago today I completed Traditions and became an official Walt Disney World Cast Member. While the company does not recognize this date for a year pin or any of the other perks that go with company anniversaries, its still an important milestone for me.

Happy One Year Anniversary To Me!

In case any potential CPs (or anyone else) is curious as to what I mean by Disney not recognizing my hire date for anything I shall explain. Basically Disney does not recognize any time in an internship program (Career Start, College Program, or Professional Internship) as counting towards seniority or any of the benefits of being with the company for a long time. I know several people who could practically have a 5 year pin by now if the company did recognize time spent in internship programs. lol. Oh well!


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