Monday, April 16, 2012

Springtime Brings New Beginnings

It seems that spring time has brought me lots of good things.

When I last posted I had just been offered a role with Universal. I feel like that was the start of good things or maybe it was getting hired with SeaWorld. Either way I don't regret turning Universal down. Just seeing how much effort my SeaWorld friends had to put into making the rehersals fit with their other work schedules makes me glad I didn't put myself through that.

I am also really glad I didn't take it because on the 12th I got a call from Disney Casting offering me part time in my current role as a performer. This is awesome for so many different reasons and totally made possible by my only having the one other job rather than two.

My part time goes into place on 4/29. Which means on 4/29/2013 I will finally get my one year pin after working for the company three years and 4 months. Not gonna lie I am excited for that pin.

In other news I am going to an info session for Traditions hosts soon. Traditions host is a role that I have listed as a dream role and would definitely love to eventually get. I would also love to get into the training aspect of entertainment in either core training or as a Welcome to Entertainment facilitator. I have lots of areas I want to look into and I feel like finally getting part time will put me on the right track to achieving some of them.

I will post again soon!