Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Stuff

Hey everyone!
I have one more update for the night. I created and added a formspring to this blog. I'm not sure if anyone ever comes on here and has questions but I figured it couldn't hurt to add a formspring. I love interacting with my readers and reading comments so feel free to use the formspring or just comment! I try to respond to comments and things. :)

I have also been working on updating the pages on this blog, specifically the "Other DCP Blogs." I try to keep it limited to blogs that post regularly and have interesting/informative posts. Some of the ones I have up there now are not updated as often anymore since they have finished their CP, but I feel like they have a lot of good info on them and really share their CP story, so I keep them up. That being said if you know of a good blog that might be worthy of sharing with others please let me know! I will be honest and say I am only going to post ones that I think are truly helpful, post regularly, and share a person's CP story. But don't let that stop you from giving me suggestions! Even if I don't post them here, I do follow a whole ton of CP blogs. :)

Thats all for tonight. I am going to try very hard to post tomorrow night but I'm not going to make any promises. I may be too busy spending some time with my long lost twin. I kinda miss him. :)



Blogging on the Go

So hopefully this works. I am testing out blogging via email from my phone. I know that once I get to Orlando and start the cp I know my time will be some what limited and it will be harder to find the time to sit and write posts. But hopefully if this phone thing works I can send little updates while at work and then expand them later. Or just have posts with a picture. I figure updates of some kind are better than none.

In other news I forgot to mention that I registered for my Disney class a few days ago. I will be taking the Exploring Marketing Exploration Series class. I debated about which section to take but decided on the 8am class at Chatham on Thursdays. :) I'm excited and have already talked to a few other people taking the class.

Well thats all for this little post. I will be staring the last leg of my road trip tomorrow. A 7 hour drive and then I will be in Orlando. :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Chillin in Florida

Well hello there!

I am currently chilling at my beach house in Destin, Florida. I arrived here on Saturday afternoon at around 4:30ish. I got a late start on the second leg of the road trip because I stayed up till 3 am with my sister watching the filming of 21 Jumpstreet.

They were filming some scenes for the movie at a house on the end of my Grandma's street so after going to see Pirates 4 we stood around and watched them film a few scenes. We were about 8 ish feet behind the director and all the monitors where they review what is being filmed. Which means when they reviewed the scenes we were about 8 feet away from the stars of the film Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. I didn't get really any good pictures of them (didn't want to be a creep and was more interested in getting a picture of the director chairs) but I did get some general pictures I will share. :)

Hard to see but Channing Tatum is indeed in this picture. 

The thing I was attempting to take a picture of the whole time.

The general layout of the scene. It was a house party being busted by the parents. 

So after my late start I drove and drove and drove some more till I made it to Destin. Suffice to say I am very over driving. But I still have a 2 hour drive this evening (to reach my mom is Port St. Joe) and then a longer drive to Orlando. I'm not sure how long the drive is from Port St. Joe but from Destin I think it is about 6 hrs.

.... Please hold while I google the drive time from Port St. Joe.......

Depending on the route I take its about 6-6.5 hours. Womp Womp. I really am very very tired of driving. But on the plus side I will be in Orlando on Wednesday. Probably late afternoon/early evening.

In other news... Since it is Sunday the schedule for June 5-11th came out today. That is the week that I check-in and also begin training. So from earlier snooping I was able to figure out that I was scheduled for Welcome to Entertainment on the 9th. That is still true. I am also scheduled for training on the 10th and 11th. I thought that with the scheduled drop my role might finally be changed from attendant to performer, but that was not the case. I am still listed as an Attendant and even more frustrating my training is listed as Attendant Core. I'm not going to even lie I am sad/annoyed/frustrated/ugghed by the lack of change in my role and now the slightly incorrect info about my training. I know that the attendant and character training is similar and its the same departement and all that will change when they switch my role is "performer core" rather than "attendant core" but I still want to see it change. I'm am highly annoyed with Disney that they haven't gotten around to changing it yet. If I didn't have to 2nd purple folder with printed acceptance letter in it I might be worried that something has gone wrong. I know it hasn't but still. Get on this Disney.

To end this random update I shall post a picture of my legs and the sand here in Destin. It is gorgeous sugar white sands and I love it. My grandma is going to give me one of the spare keys to the house so if I ever get a long weekend I can drive up here and chill. :) yay!


Friday, May 27, 2011

The Road Trip Begins...

Moving Right Along...

Well today I began the road trip down to Orlando. I completed the first leg of the trip with a stop in New Orleans. YAAAAYYY!!!

I have to be honest I am glad I am breaking this trip up over a series of days because there is just no way I could have driven it all at once, even if I only went to Chipley, Fl like I did last time. Unlike last time I am driving by myself this time around. I will admit that I am my favorite driving partner. I can turn my music up as loud as I want and not have to worry about turning down to hear someone else. I can also listen to whatever my little heart desires. :) But the downside of road tripping by yourself is there is no one to take over driving once you get tired. And I was really getting tired by the end of my 6 hour drive to New Orleans from Houston.

Yes. 6 hours. Usually it takes me about 5-5.5 hrs but I hit sevearl areas of pointless traffic and saw many cops which made me slow down. Why is it that every time I drive to Orlando I see a ton of cops? I guess the difference between this time and last time was that I actually did get pulled over (instead of the scare I had last time). I think I was going about 3-4 miles over the speed limit so I assumed he pulled me over for speeding. I was of course freaking out. But then he walked up and told me I hadn't signaled when I changed lanes. Honestly I am suspicious of that statement becuase I ALWAYS use my blinker. I am religious about it. But I think he may have pulled me over to slow me down. Anyways I chattered on about how I was going to Orlando to do an internship program with Disney at Disney World and yatta yatta yatta. He asked me some questions and then just gave me a warning. ** INSERT SIGH OF RELIEF**..... I then proceeded to drive 65 for the next hour before I got really tired of that and moved it up to my usual 5 mph above the speed limit. Don't judge. I learned to drive in Houston where the minimum accepted speed limit is 70, almost everyone drives 75, and there is frequently bumper to bumper traffic at 80. I really think it is impossible to learn to drive in Houston and not be super aggressive.

Anyways. Out of my run in with the law it was an uneventful trip. I dragged out my old well worn and loved ipod and played the playlist I made for my last CP road trip.  It is an awesome playlist if I do say so myself. I will definitely have to add more to it though because I played the whole thing yesterday and I am going to need more music for the next two segments of the trip.

In other news I found out that CP entertainment training has changed. There is Welcome to Entertainment, which I didn't have to take last time b/c they hadn't started it yet. I am scheduled to take it on the 9th but I also looked at it and it says that it was completed on 12/31/10 (waived). I assume that is from my time as an attendant and so they just waived it so I didn't have to take it but I wonder if that means it is waived for now so I wont be taking it on the 9th. I basically don't know what that means. I hope that I get to take it again b/c even though I wont have to do a lot of the computer stuff there is still a bunch of performer specific things I don't know how to do and more importantly its the first day you are with your training group. I don't want to miss out on that bonding. After WTE there is now only 4 days of training and only 2 of those are in park days. When I went through Attendant training it was 5 days total (still the same) and 3 days in park. I am kind of upset that they took out that additional day of in park training. I want everyday of training (especially in park) that I can get!

I got a call from Disney Workforce Management this morning. For a second I was all "AHHH!!!! Whats going on? Maybe they will tell me something awesome!" but then it was just a courtesy call to let me know I was on the schedule for next week. That was nice. I picked up an Attendant shift for Saturday the 4th. Its the first day I will work in a little under a year so I guess they wanted to remind me because of that. Its a Spare 6 shift at Studios. Usually there are only 2 spares so I have no idea what I will be doing but its also a Star Wars Weekend so who knows. You have to be specially trained to actually work with Star Wars characters so its not like they would put me with one of them. I basically have no idea wtf I will be doing. Hopefully something awesome and something that doesn't really require timing a line. I haven't done that in a little under a year so I am rusty. With my luck they will give me a pop up character and I will have to relearn reaaalll quick.

I guess thats all for this rambling post. I will continue the road trip tomorrow by traveling 4 (or so) hours to Destin, FL. :) I will then hang there for a few days before driving the 6 hours down to Orlando to arrive on the 1st for 5 days of play before I check in to my DCP #2! :)

To end this post I will share the song that I took the title from. Hit it Kermit and Fozzy!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Packed and Waiting

Well hello there my lovies!

I am currently writing this from Houston. I have officially graduated and moved out of my Apartment. Thats a really odd thought. I am done with school. I will never wait for final grades to come in. In fact the time I spent waiting for final grades the last few days was really pointless since I had already graduated and it really didn't matter anymore.

Speaking of graduation I snuck my c/o 2011 Mickey ears in. Turns out I didn't need to sneak them in, I could have just walked in with them. After I walked and got my degree holder (b/c the degree isn't even in there) I switched to my Mickey ears from my grad cap. I got lots of comments. That picture is of my mom, sister, and I after my graduation. As shown in that picture I totally rocked my Mickey ears.

After graduation I went into extreme packing mode. Turns out I had packed a lot more than I realized during finals week. My sister stayed and helped me pack everything and then yesterday (Wednesday) some movers put all my stuff in a uhaul we had rented and my dad drove it back to Houston.

I did a test run on my Orlando stuff and it all fit in my car. I am SO proud of myself for not overpacking. I was terrified that it wouldn't all fit even though I was trying my hardest to not overpack. Not only did everything fit but I didn't have anything blocking my vision aka it wasn't stacked to the roof.

Almost all of my stuff (obviously not the table). 

Those are all pictures of my car when it was packed. Look at that room! Which is good because I have one box that accidentally got packed in the uhaul and my twin bedding which was in Houston. 

So now that I am done with school and packing, I am just waiting. I have decided to head to Orlando early so I will now arrive on the 1st instead of the 5th. I will be staying with my Twin/Bestie and he will help me move in on the 6th. So that means that I only have 13 days till I am back in Orlando!! So Exciting!! I will be in Houston till probably Tuesday, then I will travel to New Orleans to visit family before heading to Destin, FL to spend Memorial Day weekend with my family at our beach house. I am really looking forward to all of it. I am going to enjoy the journey but I can't lie and say that I don't want to just hurry up and be at the destination. Yesterday was the first check-in day so I have already seen pictures of some D-fam members in Orlando. I am quite jealous. I can't wait to get there and meet them all. I also really can't wait to get there and work another Attendant shift. I know I need to work another shift before the end of July and I know the best time to do it is before I start my CP. Plus I want to see everyone and get my feet wet again. ACK! so excited. 

I guess that is all I have for this post. I know it is quite rambly. Sorry, but at least its a post right!! 

<3 yall!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Graduation, Packing, and other random things.

Well hello there my lovelies! It feels like it has been so long since I last posted (12 days! unacceptable!). The fact that I feel totally horrible and sad that I have neglected this blog for 12 days just goes to show how important it (and my readers) have become to me. That kind of makes me happy because I am relatively sure I won't fall off the wagon and never post like I did on my last CP. I feel obligated to post regularly  and keep everyone informed of my fun.

I am pretty much done with school (one last final that I can literally just write my name on and pass the class) and graduation is  just 5 days away. Since I have nothing to do this finals week, I have started packing. Flash back to a year and a half ago and this post and my feelings about packing have not changed one bit. I have yet to edit that packing list and take out the things I know I won't need which means I have just been packing things I know will just have to go into storage. Since I am planning on staying in Orlando after my program everything that I am not taking to Orlando is getting packed and stored at my parents house until the end of my program.

I am trying really really hard to just pack and get it done. I realize that the reason I am not good at packing is because you have to let your space get really messy in order to pack and I can't stand the mess. So I end up trying to be neat while packing and that just doesn't work.

In other news.... IN EXACTLY 4 WEEKS I WILL BE CHECKING IN AT VISTA WAY!!! flkgjadl;gjldfkgfadgjdflkfj
Sheer. Excitement.

I can't believe it is almost here. I can't believe its almost time for me to go back. I have literally been waiting to return since July 27th, the day I left. Working at Disney and living in Orlando was really one of the best things to ever happen to me. I met people that have become such an essential part of my life and I can't wait to go back and make meet even more people.

Speaking of people, I have such an incredibly long list of people I want/need to see as soon as I get back that I just don't know how I am going to fit everything in.  My roomies and I are planning on going shopping together on our second day to get things that we will want/need for the Apt. Because I am still a Cast Member I don't think I have to go to Traditions again which means I will have day 3 (traditions day) off. The down side to that is I will probably have to go to Access Control to get my CP Id rather then getting it at Traditions check-in and I don't know how I will get my name tag. So basically the 2 free days I will have before training will be spent doing things other than spending time with all of the people I want to see. I will be intensely busy once training starts so if I don't get to see them before then, I won't see them till like 1.5 weeks after I get there. That is also assuming I start training right away. Depending on how many Entertainment CMs need to be trained they could split us up into multiple groups and I may be delayed further than the 4th or 5th day in starting training. I pray I am in the group that starts immediately b/c I have friends who will be on vacation at the time and slightly planned it around the hopes of seeing me while in training.  I think I will be able to look up when I start on the HUB once that schedule drops, but as of now they still haven't even switched my role so who knows if I will actually be able to do that.

Humm... I guess that is all I have to talk about at the moment. I will probably post again next week unless something awesome happens that I need to talk about. :)