Friday, January 8, 2010

I made it to Flordia!

Chipley, Florida to be exact. Mom and I left Houston at 8:45 this morning. A bit later than we had planned because we had to go get my car inspected. I realized at 1 am (when I was checking my registration sticker) that my inspection sticker was going to expire this month. AHHHH! (that was me freaking out) So Mom got up at 6ish to get to the local Firestone at 7 so we could get my car inspected. 45 mins later my car was good to go.

Moral of this story... REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR INSPECTION STICKER BEFORE YOU LEAVE! preferably earlier than 1 am the night before.

So we were able to get on the road and run for the hills (or Disney... whichever). We stopped in Covington (north of NOLA on I-12 for those who don't know) to drop some stuff off to my aunt. We finally made it to Chipley at around 6:3o, 10 hrs after we started.

Random but on the way we saw a ridiculous amount of police cars. I wasn't really counting but I would have to say it was in the 20s somewhere. Probably in the high 20s. At one point I thought I was going to get pulled over. I had passed a cop (I was going exactly the speed limit) and he pulled out behind me. He then passed me and a few other cars before getting back in the right lane and then finally pulling back over to the shoulder. When I passed him the second time he wooped his siren and turned his lights on so I pulled over but he passed me again and got another car that was behind me. Scared the pe-diddles out of me! Especially since I was going under the speed limit by 2mph at that point. eeeeeek!

The journey continues tomorrow. Till then keep warm! (Its 29 with a wind chill of 18 in Chipley)


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