Friday, January 29, 2010


:) I have to say I think I have the best job you could have while on the College Program. Now I am sure some people would disagree, perhaps those in attractions who work on rides like Tower of Terror or Jungle Cruise, but can they say they get to hang out with Mickey Mouse all day? I don't think so! But I do! :)

Yesterday I got to hang out with Mickey Mouse. The day before I got to hang out with Minnie, Goofy, Carl, Russell, Doug (from UP!), Mulan, Belle, and Jasmine. What could possibly be cooler than working with Characters all day? And if that isn't awesome enough for you I also get to watch little kids excitedly meet those characters. I have seen a little boy wait in line 3 times so he could spend lots of quality time with Lightening McQueen and Mater (from Cars). On Wednesday when I was working with Russell, Carl, and Doug I met a little boy whose favorite character was Russell. He even had a shirt on that had patches just like Russell does. It was so cute watching them interact.

While I do have lots of fun at my job I think it is also a job where you can have lots of people disappointed in you. I have already had one family get mad at me because Mickey had to go get a bite of cheese. He was going to come right back but they didn't want to wait. It was a Brazilian group of 13 and they kept asking for just one group photo. I had to keep telling them he had to leave but would be right back but then ended up leaving the line anyway. They were probably saying unhappy things but it was in Portuguese so I didn't understand (and didn't care either). :)

Random side note for the post... When I worked with Lightening and Mater on Sunday I was only one day out of Training and working with another attendant who was on his first day. Neither one of us had much of an idea of what we were doing so the Mid-day Manager was showing us the ropes. We had a few mins of down time so we were all in the break room watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding which was on ABC Family. I said something about how I really like that movie and my manager responded he did too. I then said that back in the day I was a big NSYNC fan so I really LOVED the movie because Joey Fatone was in it. My manager kind chuckled and then said that he was actually friends with Joey and he comes to the parks kinda often. Let me just say that on the inside I totally flipped out and was geeking out with glee. On the outside I acted normal but that story seriously made my day. I now have hope that perhaps I will get to see Joey Fatone and if the stars really line up perhaps even take a picture with him. Although that last part is highly unlikely (even more so than meeting him!)

That is all for now!

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