Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Friends!... and enemies?

I know I haven't posted in a while which sucks but I really haven't felt like I have much to talk about. My days are mostly the same and nothing really happens that I think anyone would want to hear about. I know that probably isn't true so I am planning on writing a day in the life blog.

However that is not what this post is about. This post is about the random people I have met through work. The ones I love and the ones I want to shank with a very pointy spork. I am going to give everyone pseudonyms because there is an off chance that they might read this. And that would be awkward when I go back to work and they then know that I either want to give them lots of hugs or want to strangle them slowly.

So enemies first. I shall call this person Bob. Why Bob?... well it is kinda close to the real thing and I can't come up with anything creative at this point. So why do I hate Bob and want to shank him with a spork or strangle him slowly? Quite simply because he is stupid and worthless and really really annoying. He is pretty much useless when it comes to his job. Working with him is like working by yourself. He just stands there and looks stupid. I have absolutely no idea how he managed to get the job he has. You have to have social skills to have his job but he has absolutely none. He is just plain socially awkward. Laughs at somewhat sexual things like a juvenile. Like when a child has a Woody (as in Toy Story) toy and I say "I see you have a Woody toy, is he your favorite?" and Bob giggles or tells me SHHH! Seriously.. that isn't even funny. Its juvenile and annoying and FRIGGIN STUPID! So that is Bob. Working with him makes me angry. :/ grrrr

Now on to people I love! YAAAAAAY! There is a lot of people I could put here because I love a lot of the people I work with. However I only have amusing stories/reasons for loving a select few. The first person is J (very creative.. I know). J is in entertainment (like me) and I love him because he makes me laugh. He does things that he is totally not supposed to but are quite amusing in places where guests could in theory see him doing them. (If that isn't cryptic I donno what is..) Another person I lurv is M. Ninja (oo creative! :D) He also does funny stuff in places which make the things he does funnier. He also dances with me and gives me hugs. I am totally a sucker for hugs.
Last but so totally not least on my lurv list is Red. I adore Red. I seriously just want to squish them. Red really just makes me happy. When I was having a really bad day in the not so distant past seeing Red just made the day better. It was still a poop-tastic day but it was slightly better because I got to talk to Red. Red, like J, makes me laugh. They poke fun at me which for what ever reason makes me laugh. They are super sweet. When I was not feeling well recently they rubbed my shoulders. It didn't really make me feel all that much better but it was nice that they tried to make me feel better. This person took me under their wing and helped me do my job while doing their own. If that didn't make me love them then the fact that they play with me while doing their job would have. Seriously this person is awesome. And if this sounds like a romantic love... it is not. It is more of an "I want to squoosh you" love. I really just want to hug them because they make me happy. :)

The common factors between the people I love? They play around with me, make me laugh, and give me hugs. Obviously it is quite simple to win my heart. Perhaps more people should try to.... It would at least be fun for me! :D


... So I realize that the above post is rather cryptic and useless to pretty much everyone outside of myself but I must say that I don't really care. This is just going to have to be one of those posts for me so I will remember the things that matter to me now smack in the middle of my program.

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