Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holiday Season at the Mouse House

So I have some news that I have been meaning to share. Back in the beginning of September I got a call with the awesome news that I will be helping out some Teddy Bears this holiday season as they perform in Celebrate the Season (the holiday castle show). And as can be assumed by that statement, I have chosen to leave Guest Relations to go back to Entertainment to be a part of the Magic Kingdom's holiday entertainment.

It was both a hard and an easy decision to leave Guest Relations. It was hard because as much as I love performing, I know that in the long haul it isn't something my body can do forever and Guest Relations experience will serve me better in the long run. But there is a feeling I get when I am hanging out with one of my Disney friends and a little child hugs you that just can't be matched. There isn't another job in the world that will ever equal the feeling I get when I perform. So it came down to do I do what might be best for my career or do I do what makes me truly happy. I called my mom to get advice and she told me "You know what you want to do. Follow your heart." So that is what I did.

Because of the time commitment I have to give to Disney for the holiday season I have sadly had to resign from Seaworld. Seaworld's peak period is the holiday season and especially Christmas (surprising right. You thought it was summer time). As much as I wanted to stay working at both places, I simply couldn't be two places at once.

So that brings me to where I am now. I just started rehearsals for Celebrate the Season (CTS). Although I don't have much to compare this experience to as it is my first trained role, this cast is absolutely amazing. As I have mentioned before it is a goal of mine to work with articulated characters. This show has several characters who talk and watching their friends is an inspiration. It is also something of a challenge. I know I have the ability to do what they are doing and watching them perform fuels my desire to get myself there.

Thats all for now. I will post pictures at the end of the rehearsal process. :)