Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crazy Busy

I hate that it has been so long since I have posted a blog. School has been pretty insane though. I had so many things do the beginning of last week, then a 5 day easter break, and then on tuesday I had my Communication Portfolio (a graduation requirement for me) due. I thought once all of that was finished I would be home free but I have come to realize that isn't the case. I have a 6-8 page paper due next thursday, a final Wednesday, some journal entries to write, and basically more school work than I desire at this point in my college career. I am a bit apathetic about it all too.


Graduation is almost here (16 days), which is awesome. But with graduation comes its own large to-do list. I just got my correct personalized announcements. The first time the company sent them they were not right. I now have to pick one of my many graduation pictures to print and send with my announcements. Then I have to send the announcements which is hard when I can't for the life of me get my mother to make me a list of who to send them to. I also need to pick a restaurant to go to after and then make a reservation. And I have to do all of this while doing the homework I have and fitting in my Disney obsession. 

Can I just be in Orlando already?

Did I mention my Disney obsession? Its such a constant in my life that I can hardly remember a time when it wasn't there. Well, thats a lie. I can remember back to Spring 08 before my Disney CP obsession (which turned into the general disney one I have now) set in. Life was so much more boring then. NOT! ... but not really. 

Also have I mentioned how blessed I feel? Anytime I think about the role I have, I just get this happy bubble in my chest. I'm so excited to get to Orlando and start training. I didn't think about it till I just wrote this but this is how I felt before my last program. If I had ended up being an Attendant again I don't think I would be feeling this way right now just because it wouldn't be new. It wouldn't have zing of the unknown that I have right now. So I guess I am even more grateful that I get to be a performer. Being a performer has also brought a new set of Disney dreams for me, which I have put in my official Disney dreams list (and can be found in its own tab at the top of this blog). 

Sigh. Thats it for this rambling post. Just wanted to update and let everyone know I am alive. 

<3 yall!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Third Times the Charm!


The minions are accurately illustrating my feelings right now. I am so beyond excited its not even funny. Why you ask? Well after 2 previous attempts I passed my WDW entertainment audition! 

I am so blissfully happy. I am sure that is a DUH statement but its very true. I felt that icky rejection feeling twice before and to have finally managed to make my dream come true is just an amazing feeling. Another amazing feeling? Knowing one (and soon two) of my roommates as well as various other friends will also be in entertainment is pretty awesome too.

I guess in addition to announcing my news and expressing my excitement I need to explain what this will mean for this blog. Character integrity is an incredibly important thing to me. There is magic in Disney Characters and it is something that as a Cast Member, both entertainment and in general, I feel obligated to protect. I probably wont post much about being a performer because this is a open blog and is on the open-free-anyone-can-see-internet. I have no way of knowing who will read this and I don't want to do anything to tarnish the integrity of my beloved characters or ruin a character experience for someone. I'm not saying I won't talk about my role at all, just that it will probably be limited. 

I thought I would end with an adorable picture of me. I can't believe that I am going to get to be a part of this very special type of Disney Magic. Pinch me?


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Packing (1.5 months early)

Last weekend I got reached the point of total disgust with the state of my room and decided to clean it. In the process I also switched out the winter clothes in my closet with my spring/summer clothes. I figured instead of just putting everything away and then having to go back in and resort once I start to pack for Orlando, I would put aside some winter-y stuff now. By winter-y stuff I mean a few long sleeve dresses, a few long sleeve ts, and 2 sweaters. I know that it really wont get cold (aka cold for a southern girl) until like end of November/December.   So anyways I packed the stuff in space bags and stuck them in my shallow clear tub thing and VOILA! Marion has already started packing for Disney.

 :) So proud of my packing. Go me!

Space bags are really great for College Program participants no matter if you are flying or driving to Orlando. They are very helpful for the traveling aspect and also for saving space when you are living in the apartments. Orlando obviously has really hot summers but they do have winters as well and no matter what program you are on your going to experience both (especially if you are on an advantage program). Space bags allow you to save room in your closet when you don't need those winter clothes. 

From previous experience I do have a few tips when using them. #1- Do NOT over stuff them. I made that mistake on my last CP. They ended up losing their vacuum seal. After many uses they eventually start to lose that seal anyway but if you don't over stuff them they still work.  #2- Be careful with them. They are made of thin plastic and if you aren't somewhat gentle with them they will rip. My sister realized this after she shoved them around in my car when packing and managed to rip one. They don't stay vacuumed to well when they have a hole in them. Also... clear packing tape doesn't really fix ripped space bags.

Thats all for this really random post. Per chance I will start working on that revised packing list and put it up here.