Friday, March 2, 2012

Bullet point updates

My how time does fly. December doesn't seem like all that long ago at all but March is already here.

Here is a quick update of what has happened since December.

- finished my second college program and went seasonal
- moved out of cp housing and into a nice apartment
-felt defeated, scared, and depressed because of Disney and total invisibility by Casting
- went to Seaworld Audition
- got hired at Seaworld as a Performer 1 (I not only do meet and greets but i also perform in their sesame show)
- learned how to use articulated heads at Seaworld
- started playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Super fun game.
-went to One More Disney Day 12pm to 12am.
- went to a Universal audition for both regular sets as well as their new parade
- went to an articulated head workshop at Disney. Had a lot of fun and rediscovered a passion for my job

Which brings me to yesterday. I heard back from universal and was offered a role in their new parade. After a few hours of debate and an important phone call to my mom I decided to turn down the offer. While Universal pays the most out of all 3 parks and it would have been a really cool expierence, in order to work at all 3 I would have to have 0 availability with Disney. By doing that I essentially prevent myself from ever being assessed or trained. Since Disney is where I really want to find a career and I don't really want it to be in performing, I decided that the Universal job wouldn't get be closer to my goal.

Thats where I am at now. Still looking to get that big girl job but content with where I am.