Thursday, December 22, 2011

As the Season Comes to a Close

I am back again! Almost a full month later... oops! But lets be honest if you are still reading this thing at this point you know that I am doing good to post once a month. I am both a lazy and busy bee. Interesting combination.

Well I do have some updates since my last post. After I posted about trying to find someplace to live Kat had to back out on us living together. I won't lie, that sucked. It put my life into a tail spin trying to figure out what to do. I started looking for other people and went on Donald's Deals (the Disney classifieds) for people trying to fill rooms. I spent probably 2-3 weeks trying to find someone and totally freaking out. I ended up having to go and sign up for CP housing so I could keep my extension a viable plan. That was the day before my family got in town (another amazing story that will be included in this post) and that night I literally cried myself to sleep. I was so stressed and staying in CP housing was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. But God smiled on me and my luck broke and I managed to find someone. Over the last few days I have been in contact with a girl I found on Donald's deals who was looking for a roommate. Come to find out that I know her and talked to her for months before my first CP. She was a part of my first online D-fam. We went and looked at apartments yesterday and have put in an application for a place. I am so excited, happy, and relieved to say that I won't have to live in CP housing for the next 5 months and in fact I won't be a CP anymore.

With housing now in place I need to start busting my butt to find a big girl job. As I guessed I didn't get either of the Alumni PIs I was still in the running for. It sucked to hear that but like I said, I expected it. I can't be sure why I didn't get one. I wish I knew, but I don't. I can only assume my interview wasn't very good since I didn't get a call back from any of the PIs. Who knows but it is time to move on. As much as I love Disney, it may just be that I don't end up working here in a big girl job. That isn't really what I want but maybe it is the path I need to take. So I am searching in the Orlando area and really all over for a job that I can use my degree and my brain rather than just my body.

In other news... MY FAMILY CAME TO VISIT ME! Unlike a lot of people on the CP I haven't really had anyone come visit me. I had my aunt and her family come the very very beginning of my program (like the 2nd week I was here). Other than that I have had my high school soccer coach come who I saw for a few hours one afternoon and that is about it. So the fact that my mom, her bf, and my sister got to come was a wonderful thing. My sister was a last min addition too (literally 2 days before they got here). They got to see me and Mickey in DEP while they were here too so that was really fun. They brought me christmas gifts which I now have sitting in my room waiting to be opened. :)

Life is pretty good for me right now. Finding some place to live has taken a huge stress out of my life and I am so much more optimistic right now. I know that once I get back into the grind of looking for jobs I will get beaten down again. Being a recent graduate in an economy like this is just plain horrible. I can only imagine how it is going to shape my generation because I have no doubt that it will. (yes I am a nerd and things like that interest me)

To end this update I will leave you with a few pictures.