Monday, October 11, 2010

Why do you love the Disney College Program?

So I was stalking the dis boards college program thread ( a everyday occurrence for me now) and someone asked the question "Why do you love the Disney College Program?" This was my response and I liked it so much I decided to post it here.
"Where to start? B/c seriously the CP was the best 7 months of my life.

Going to see the last nighttime space shuttle launch and not getting home until 7am the next morning (it didn't even end up launching lol)

Watching Wishes with my training group friends the night of our last day of training

Watching wishes with those same training group friends on our last night as CPs.

Meeting Chip and Dale in their rescue ranger outfits and pretty much all of the welcome parties.

Regularly getting to ride on golfcarts (pargos) with world famous celebrity characters like Mickey Mouse.

Seeing the joy on children (and adults) faces when they meet their favorite character.

Getting paid to play with characters everyday

Dancing with Characters while working the Rock-N-Glow dance parties.

Learning the Hoedown Throwdown with Chip, Dale, and Pluto for the Rock-N-Glow dance party.

Watching Buzz and Woody have a dance off and then do the single ladies dance all while onstage.

Going to the parks whenever you want.

Seeing Joey Fatone, a childhood idol, while working. Really more importantly being within 5 feet of him. It was a bit of a spazz out moment.

Watching SpectroMagic with friends, screaming characters names and getting lots of character attention because of it.

Singing and dancing to High School Musical 3 and the Power Rangers music.

Meeting Chewbacca and an Ewok.

Seeing Darth Maul and Darth Vader walking around back stage. That never got old.

Going to Epcot for my 21st birthday and watching Illuminations with friends.

Dancing like a fool to Block Party Bash and getting to dance like a fool in the parade a few times

Meeting my best friend who I call my twin. I donno how I lived without him in my life.

Meeting, working with, and making friends with some of the most amazing people ever.

Honestly the people you meet and the friends you make are probably the best part of the CP. Working for Disney is amazing but the bonds you make while there are truly something special. I love my D-fam and I know I will be friends with many of them for the rest of my life."


Friday, October 8, 2010

Slowly growing...

The Fall 2011 group is slowly growing which makes me very happy. I remember when I joined back in July it was a tiny group. I don't remember the exact number but it wasn't that many. For a long time we hovered just under 100 people but now we are up to 140! :) Yay D-Fam!!

For some reason I feel like this group is taking a long time to grow. And it isn't super active. We are about 3 months out from when applications will go up. (140 days till Jan 20th which is when they went up last year!) For Spring 2011 3 months out was July and at that time there were regular chats going on. I realize its different because July = summer aka no school and few responsibilities and October = school, midterms, and lots of responsibilities. So they really aren't comparable. I just hope that this group is a lively bunch that gets close like the spring 2010 group did. If not oh well... (not really oh well! I want a close D-Fam!!)

I have been really good about taking monthly (sometimes more frequently that just once a month) pictures of the CP google map. It is so cool. OOOH! I just thought up a good t-shirt idea.. lol. Perhaps a picture of the first google map and then one near when we start... :D NERDA MARION! ... Anyways I thought I would post the pictures here.
This is the first picture of the group Map. 8/7/10


Only a few additions from September. 10/8/10

That is pretty much all I have for this post. I do have a rather cool screen shot of me on the CP website with Patrick and Lindsey. I will post that here soon. Perhaps with a discussion of housing events.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Walt Disney World!

39 years ago today the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World opened to the public. In my opinion that is definitely a reason to celebrate.
In case you are wondering that picture is indeed of Cinderella's Castle. In 1996, for the 25th anniversary of the park, the castle was painted pepto-bismol pink and decorated as a cake. Most people find this to be absolutely atrocious. I tend to agree. I will say I think it looks interesting however, if you are only able to go to Disney World once in your life and you happened to go in 1996 and that is the castle that graces your pictures, I would be a bit pissed. I actually went to Disney both in 1995 and 1996 and on one of those trips saw it being painted. Let me tell you my family flipped our shit, we had no idea why it was being painted and were afraid it might be permanent. Thank god it wasn't. :)