Friday, October 8, 2010

Slowly growing...

The Fall 2011 group is slowly growing which makes me very happy. I remember when I joined back in July it was a tiny group. I don't remember the exact number but it wasn't that many. For a long time we hovered just under 100 people but now we are up to 140! :) Yay D-Fam!!

For some reason I feel like this group is taking a long time to grow. And it isn't super active. We are about 3 months out from when applications will go up. (140 days till Jan 20th which is when they went up last year!) For Spring 2011 3 months out was July and at that time there were regular chats going on. I realize its different because July = summer aka no school and few responsibilities and October = school, midterms, and lots of responsibilities. So they really aren't comparable. I just hope that this group is a lively bunch that gets close like the spring 2010 group did. If not oh well... (not really oh well! I want a close D-Fam!!)

I have been really good about taking monthly (sometimes more frequently that just once a month) pictures of the CP google map. It is so cool. OOOH! I just thought up a good t-shirt idea.. lol. Perhaps a picture of the first google map and then one near when we start... :D NERDA MARION! ... Anyways I thought I would post the pictures here.
This is the first picture of the group Map. 8/7/10


Only a few additions from September. 10/8/10

That is pretty much all I have for this post. I do have a rather cool screen shot of me on the CP website with Patrick and Lindsey. I will post that here soon. Perhaps with a discussion of housing events.


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