Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rolling on into the Summer

Helllooo everyone!

I have been a busy bee in the last month or so. I have finally gotten my two job schedules in sync. It took far longer than it should have do to a mishap with Disney scheduling when I went part time but it is finally worked out. I currently work 3 days at Disney and 3 days at Seaworld with a day off on Wednesday. Hence the busy bee.

I went to the Traditions meeting that I mentioned in my last post. Turns out you have to have been full time or part time for 2 years so that immediately knocked me out of the running. But I got a lot of good information so I'm glad I went.

Some time in February or March I applied for a spot on the part time bench for Guest Relations. For those who do not know the bench is essentially a pool of potential candidates from which hiring managers can pull when they have an open position. I ended up interviewing in late april and gained a place on the bench. So any time in the next year ish (or until they post for the bench again) I can be called for a part time guest relations position. Im not totally clear on this but I believe it could also be for a TA or it might only be for a Part Time TA.

I have come to realize I use this blog as a depository of all of my achievements and when I am feeling down an lost I come here to remember why I am still in Orlando. I have definitely been feeling down and lost recently. I think the biggest reason for this is that I don't consider what I am currently doing for Disney (and Seaworld) as a career, I see it more of as a job. It is a job I love and I do enjoy on most days, but I know I have a limited future in it because at heart I am not a performer. I have seen a lot of my friends get trained in so many things and hired full time and I won't lie that hurts. I am happy for them but I doubt myself and I think in my heart I realize that the likelihood of that happening to me is not great. I don't have the technical training nor do I have the desire to be a starving artist for the rest of my life.

So as usual when I get to feeling like Entertainment is not where I am meant to be, I look for jobs. I have been looking at Disney but haven't found much of anything. I found 3 jobs with Universal that would be perfect so hopefully I can get some interviews for those. I have also started to look for jobs back in Texas. I found 2 in the Fort Worth area which would be nice since I have an aunt that lives there and my best friend Kyralyssa lives there too. I haven't found much of anything in Houston or Austin yet but I haven't spent as much time looking there.

As sad as I would be to leave Orlando, I miss my family and Texas too. I miss living in an area where music artists always come for concerts. And I miss having people who are willing to come with me to concerts. I miss having a normal work week and a regular schedule. I miss not being so torn and confused. God bless college and the regular schedule it creates. I miss that more than anything.
Moral of the story graduating college and then trying to become an adult with a career and such (aka being 20 something and trying to figure out your life) is really difficult and living and working in Disney World doesn't make it any easier.

So I guess this entry ended up being just as much about venting as it did about updating. Lets be honest though that is the story of this blog. 

Love you all! Post again soon.

PS: Hope you like the random picture updates. They are the world's easiest way to update.