About the DCP

If you have stumbled across this blog and don't know what the Disney College Program is then this is the page for you. 

A quick run down:
The Disney College Program (DCP) is an internship program sponsored by the Disney Company. There is a program based in California at Disneyland and in Florida at Walt Disney World. This particular blog is about the CP in Florida. In order to participate in the program you must have completed at least one semester of college. The program is made up of three components: living, learning, and earning. Disney provides housing for students to live in while they participate in the program. They also offer several different types of classes for participants to take including ACE approved courses. The CP is a internship program and not a college or university in and of itself, however it is possible to receive credit for the program depending on your university. The final aspect of the program is earning (or working) in the parks or resorts.

For more information about the Walt Disney World College Program go here: