Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Celebrity Citing!

So I had my first celebrity siting today! It was seriously the best celebrity I could have seen too. While working with the Yellow Power Ranger I saw... JOEY FATONE! yes thats right a man who was in my all time favorite boy band. A man that if given the chance I would hug and tell him how very happy his music made/makes me.

Unfortunately I was not able to do that or even acknowledge who he was because I was in costume and cast members are not allowed to treat celebrities like they are anything other than a normal guest. Which is oddly ironic considering we (meaning cast members not necessarily me) escort them to rides and stuff backstage because we don't want them getting mobbed.

But back to my Joey sighting. I had to help out with the Power Rangers because for whatever reason they were down an attendant and I was working at Cars which means I was going to help with the Rangers anyway (because that is what the closing attendants do at Cars... help the PR attendants with their last set.) So I was with the Yellow Ranger and the Captain came over and said something about not worrying about asking the man sitting on the planter thingy that the Yellow Ranger stands by to move because he was obviously sitting with a sleeping baby. I glanced at the guy but then went back to attending.

A rather amusing thing about me is that when I am working I have complete tunnel vision. I don't really pay all that much attention to the guests outside the group that is immediately near me whether that be with the characters or who is up next in line. Which means that it is totally possible to sneak up on me but that is a bit of a side note.

The Captain waved me over a few mins later and mentioned that the guy he had told me not to worry about was Joey Fatone. He said that they had made eye contact after he walked away and that he had recognized him because he had met him before. I then freaked out a little on the inside and mentioned that I was a HUGE fan back in the day. He said that if I was a fan I would recognize him but to be sly about checking him out. Well check him out I did and I am not going to lie my stomach did a flip flop. Seeing him totally made my day!

So I spent 30 mins alternating between working and geeking out. Mind you I had to geek out on the inside. The Captain said I held it in very well. lol

Thats all for my celebrity siting. It was awesome and probably wont be topped.


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