Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Check-in Day Insanity!

I am finally able to sit down and blog!! yaaay!

I guess I will start with check in day. My roommates and I went out to dinner the night before check-in. We decided to get there at 7, a hour before check-in. Mom and I got up at the crack of dawn (aka 5:45 am) to get ready for the day. We met up in the parking lot across from Vista Way. We were defiantly the first people there. We sat in our cars till like 7:50 then we walked across the street to stand near the security gate. By this point the parking lot was full and people were lining up in their cars outside of gate.

At like 8:04 someone came to lead us to the welcome center (which is near the back of the complex). Unfortunately they also let the cars in so a few people managed to get in front of us. grrrrrr. But it was really not that big a deal.

So basically at check-in you get a name tag and some paperwork to fill out and you are then talked through the first little bit of paperwork. Then you go to another table to get turn one of the pages in and then you are let into a room. In the room you get to do all the cool stuff like get your housing ID and your housing assignment.... and other stuff.

After checking in I got to go back to our apartment. yaaay! We live in Chatham in building 25. For those who are curious that would be in the back right corner of the complex. I only had like and hour to unpack (not enough time to get everything situated) before I had to go to the Casting Office to finish paperwork. I found out my work location (Hollywood Studios), met one of my trainers and found out my training schedule, and got fingerprinted! (so excited about that last one!)

After Casting I finally got to eat! and I also unpacked some more. At 2:45 I had to go to the Housing meeting. It was pretty much like a res hall meeting but with Disney apartment centered stuff. After the meeting, Mom and I unpacked some more and then went to Target and Walmart. We then went back to the apartment and finshed unpacking/organizing. I stayed with Mom that night because she left the next day. :(

The next day (Tueday) I had to go to a meeting at 12 about the Disney classes. We also got to register early at the end of the meeting. I registered for the Corporate Analysis class. It looks really interesting. The class beasically analyzes Disney as a corporation, which means its all about Disney! :) Not a bad way to get 3 credits for school. The meeting ended up running over by 30 mins so registration ran over by 30 mins. By the time I was finished it was 2 pm and I had to rush back to the hotel to help Mom check out of the hotel.

After she checked out we went to the outlet mall to get me the black shoes I need for my costume. We went to a few different stores but ended up finding a pair at the Naturalizer store. They are all black, no logos, and most importantly comfy!
After we got my shoes I drove Mom to the airport. I navigated with the help of Bossy (the GPS). I am not going to lie, I was a bit sad when she left. I am always like that when I have to take someone to the airport and they are leaving not for a trip but because they live some place else. It is easier when they just drive away because it seems like they could just drive back. For some reason flying seems more final.

Tips for Check-in:
Check in really starts at 8. --- the website LIES!
Have your name on your insurance for your car! ---very important

I am going to do a separate post about Traditions because this one seems to be quite long. Random but... I am about to go to the Magic Kingdom for the first time since being here. YAAAAY!

That is all....

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