Thursday, January 7, 2010

On the Road Again...

...Well almost. :)
Tomorrow morning I will start my journey down to Orlando. To be honest I am a bundle of emotions right now. I am both nervous and anxious to check in and get my appartment assignment. I have heard from people who have already checked in that just because you are standing next to people does not mean you will be able to have them as your apartment mates.

I am sad to be leaving my friends and family. I am upset about having to leave my Dad. It is always hard to leave him even when I am just going back to Austin and I know I will be able to visit. I am now going to go 17 hours away and I know that unless he can come to visit I wont see him till May. I feel bad for leaving my cat Jinx too. I feel like I am always leaving her. :(

I am also really excited about finally being in Orlando. I can't even remember at what point I decided that this is really something I was going to do. It was a thought for years but I am finally going. In just a few days I will be working at Disney. It will finally be real even though it still doesn't feel like it. I think when I am finally down there doing things it will become real. Right now it still just feels like I am on vacation.

This next part I am tossing in here more for myself. It is my reminder why I am doing this program. I am taking this semester off not just to make connections, get great expierence, and work towards getting a job at Disney later on in life. This is my one chance to do something really fun and exciting. I chose to take on a time consuming responsibility when I became an RA.
I gave up a most of my free time and my chance to do a lot of college things. I dont regret it at all because I got so many other things out of it. However it just means that I can't be all work and classes while on the program. I have to remember to have fun. Play in the parks, go to the beach, hang out with friends doing ridiculous stuff. I have to let this be my fun college experience because this is all I am going to get. I gave up going abroad for this so I have to make the best out of it. :D

I am really looking forward to the next 5 months. I know I am going to make some memories and hopefully make some great friends. The real world is right outside the door waiting to kick it open and drag me out kicking and screaming. For now I am going to stay safely enclosed in my castle dreaming of mice and princesses. :)


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  1. Good luck with your journey down!
    And if I read your blog and all you're doing is classes and work I will come steal you and MAKE you go to the parks and play. :)

    Hope all your travels are safe!