Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving Right Along...

Well today I began the road trip down to Orlando. I completed the first leg of the trip with a stop in New Orleans. YAAAAYYY!!!

I have to be honest I am glad I am breaking this trip up over a series of days because there is just no way I could have driven it all at once, even if I only went to Chipley, Fl like I did last time. Unlike last time I am driving by myself this time around. I will admit that I am my favorite driving partner. I can turn my music up as loud as I want and not have to worry about turning down to hear someone else. I can also listen to whatever my little heart desires. :) But the downside of road tripping by yourself is there is no one to take over driving once you get tired. And I was really getting tired by the end of my 6 hour drive to New Orleans from Houston.

Yes. 6 hours. Usually it takes me about 5-5.5 hrs but I hit sevearl areas of pointless traffic and saw many cops which made me slow down. Why is it that every time I drive to Orlando I see a ton of cops? I guess the difference between this time and last time was that I actually did get pulled over (instead of the scare I had last time). I think I was going about 3-4 miles over the speed limit so I assumed he pulled me over for speeding. I was of course freaking out. But then he walked up and told me I hadn't signaled when I changed lanes. Honestly I am suspicious of that statement becuase I ALWAYS use my blinker. I am religious about it. But I think he may have pulled me over to slow me down. Anyways I chattered on about how I was going to Orlando to do an internship program with Disney at Disney World and yatta yatta yatta. He asked me some questions and then just gave me a warning. ** INSERT SIGH OF RELIEF**..... I then proceeded to drive 65 for the next hour before I got really tired of that and moved it up to my usual 5 mph above the speed limit. Don't judge. I learned to drive in Houston where the minimum accepted speed limit is 70, almost everyone drives 75, and there is frequently bumper to bumper traffic at 80. I really think it is impossible to learn to drive in Houston and not be super aggressive.

Anyways. Out of my run in with the law it was an uneventful trip. I dragged out my old well worn and loved ipod and played the playlist I made for my last CP road trip.  It is an awesome playlist if I do say so myself. I will definitely have to add more to it though because I played the whole thing yesterday and I am going to need more music for the next two segments of the trip.

In other news I found out that CP entertainment training has changed. There is Welcome to Entertainment, which I didn't have to take last time b/c they hadn't started it yet. I am scheduled to take it on the 9th but I also looked at it and it says that it was completed on 12/31/10 (waived). I assume that is from my time as an attendant and so they just waived it so I didn't have to take it but I wonder if that means it is waived for now so I wont be taking it on the 9th. I basically don't know what that means. I hope that I get to take it again b/c even though I wont have to do a lot of the computer stuff there is still a bunch of performer specific things I don't know how to do and more importantly its the first day you are with your training group. I don't want to miss out on that bonding. After WTE there is now only 4 days of training and only 2 of those are in park days. When I went through Attendant training it was 5 days total (still the same) and 3 days in park. I am kind of upset that they took out that additional day of in park training. I want everyday of training (especially in park) that I can get!

I got a call from Disney Workforce Management this morning. For a second I was all "AHHH!!!! Whats going on? Maybe they will tell me something awesome!" but then it was just a courtesy call to let me know I was on the schedule for next week. That was nice. I picked up an Attendant shift for Saturday the 4th. Its the first day I will work in a little under a year so I guess they wanted to remind me because of that. Its a Spare 6 shift at Studios. Usually there are only 2 spares so I have no idea what I will be doing but its also a Star Wars Weekend so who knows. You have to be specially trained to actually work with Star Wars characters so its not like they would put me with one of them. I basically have no idea wtf I will be doing. Hopefully something awesome and something that doesn't really require timing a line. I haven't done that in a little under a year so I am rusty. With my luck they will give me a pop up character and I will have to relearn reaaalll quick.

I guess thats all for this rambling post. I will continue the road trip tomorrow by traveling 4 (or so) hours to Destin, FL. :) I will then hang there for a few days before driving the 6 hours down to Orlando to arrive on the 1st for 5 days of play before I check in to my DCP #2! :)

To end this post I will share the song that I took the title from. Hit it Kermit and Fozzy!


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  1. Yay for you, how exciting this all is!! Drive safe!!! Love your blog :)!