Thursday, May 19, 2011

Packed and Waiting

Well hello there my lovies!

I am currently writing this from Houston. I have officially graduated and moved out of my Apartment. Thats a really odd thought. I am done with school. I will never wait for final grades to come in. In fact the time I spent waiting for final grades the last few days was really pointless since I had already graduated and it really didn't matter anymore.

Speaking of graduation I snuck my c/o 2011 Mickey ears in. Turns out I didn't need to sneak them in, I could have just walked in with them. After I walked and got my degree holder (b/c the degree isn't even in there) I switched to my Mickey ears from my grad cap. I got lots of comments. That picture is of my mom, sister, and I after my graduation. As shown in that picture I totally rocked my Mickey ears.

After graduation I went into extreme packing mode. Turns out I had packed a lot more than I realized during finals week. My sister stayed and helped me pack everything and then yesterday (Wednesday) some movers put all my stuff in a uhaul we had rented and my dad drove it back to Houston.

I did a test run on my Orlando stuff and it all fit in my car. I am SO proud of myself for not overpacking. I was terrified that it wouldn't all fit even though I was trying my hardest to not overpack. Not only did everything fit but I didn't have anything blocking my vision aka it wasn't stacked to the roof.

Almost all of my stuff (obviously not the table). 

Those are all pictures of my car when it was packed. Look at that room! Which is good because I have one box that accidentally got packed in the uhaul and my twin bedding which was in Houston. 

So now that I am done with school and packing, I am just waiting. I have decided to head to Orlando early so I will now arrive on the 1st instead of the 5th. I will be staying with my Twin/Bestie and he will help me move in on the 6th. So that means that I only have 13 days till I am back in Orlando!! So Exciting!! I will be in Houston till probably Tuesday, then I will travel to New Orleans to visit family before heading to Destin, FL to spend Memorial Day weekend with my family at our beach house. I am really looking forward to all of it. I am going to enjoy the journey but I can't lie and say that I don't want to just hurry up and be at the destination. Yesterday was the first check-in day so I have already seen pictures of some D-fam members in Orlando. I am quite jealous. I can't wait to get there and meet them all. I also really can't wait to get there and work another Attendant shift. I know I need to work another shift before the end of July and I know the best time to do it is before I start my CP. Plus I want to see everyone and get my feet wet again. ACK! so excited. 

I guess that is all I have for this post. I know it is quite rambly. Sorry, but at least its a post right!! 

<3 yall!


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