Monday, May 30, 2011

Chillin in Florida

Well hello there!

I am currently chilling at my beach house in Destin, Florida. I arrived here on Saturday afternoon at around 4:30ish. I got a late start on the second leg of the road trip because I stayed up till 3 am with my sister watching the filming of 21 Jumpstreet.

They were filming some scenes for the movie at a house on the end of my Grandma's street so after going to see Pirates 4 we stood around and watched them film a few scenes. We were about 8 ish feet behind the director and all the monitors where they review what is being filmed. Which means when they reviewed the scenes we were about 8 feet away from the stars of the film Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. I didn't get really any good pictures of them (didn't want to be a creep and was more interested in getting a picture of the director chairs) but I did get some general pictures I will share. :)

Hard to see but Channing Tatum is indeed in this picture. 

The thing I was attempting to take a picture of the whole time.

The general layout of the scene. It was a house party being busted by the parents. 

So after my late start I drove and drove and drove some more till I made it to Destin. Suffice to say I am very over driving. But I still have a 2 hour drive this evening (to reach my mom is Port St. Joe) and then a longer drive to Orlando. I'm not sure how long the drive is from Port St. Joe but from Destin I think it is about 6 hrs.

.... Please hold while I google the drive time from Port St. Joe.......

Depending on the route I take its about 6-6.5 hours. Womp Womp. I really am very very tired of driving. But on the plus side I will be in Orlando on Wednesday. Probably late afternoon/early evening.

In other news... Since it is Sunday the schedule for June 5-11th came out today. That is the week that I check-in and also begin training. So from earlier snooping I was able to figure out that I was scheduled for Welcome to Entertainment on the 9th. That is still true. I am also scheduled for training on the 10th and 11th. I thought that with the scheduled drop my role might finally be changed from attendant to performer, but that was not the case. I am still listed as an Attendant and even more frustrating my training is listed as Attendant Core. I'm not going to even lie I am sad/annoyed/frustrated/ugghed by the lack of change in my role and now the slightly incorrect info about my training. I know that the attendant and character training is similar and its the same departement and all that will change when they switch my role is "performer core" rather than "attendant core" but I still want to see it change. I'm am highly annoyed with Disney that they haven't gotten around to changing it yet. If I didn't have to 2nd purple folder with printed acceptance letter in it I might be worried that something has gone wrong. I know it hasn't but still. Get on this Disney.

To end this random update I shall post a picture of my legs and the sand here in Destin. It is gorgeous sugar white sands and I love it. My grandma is going to give me one of the spare keys to the house so if I ever get a long weekend I can drive up here and chill. :) yay!



  1. Yikes, I can't imagine driving for that long. Keep it up, girl! You're almost home. :-)

  2. I saw the streak across the sky in the first photo and honestly my first thought was that it was the first firework of wishes. lol