Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogging on the Go

So hopefully this works. I am testing out blogging via email from my phone. I know that once I get to Orlando and start the cp I know my time will be some what limited and it will be harder to find the time to sit and write posts. But hopefully if this phone thing works I can send little updates while at work and then expand them later. Or just have posts with a picture. I figure updates of some kind are better than none.

In other news I forgot to mention that I registered for my Disney class a few days ago. I will be taking the Exploring Marketing Exploration Series class. I debated about which section to take but decided on the 8am class at Chatham on Thursdays. :) I'm excited and have already talked to a few other people taking the class.

Well thats all for this little post. I will be staring the last leg of my road trip tomorrow. A 7 hour drive and then I will be in Orlando. :)

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