Sunday, December 13, 2009

Packing sucks

**Just in case the first part of this doesn't make sense... I started writing this last Saturday so the first 2 paragraphs are from that time.**

I really really really hate packing. In the last 2 days I have pretty much packed most of my life up and either placed it in storage.. or in my car. It was painful.

I had to move all of my stuff out of my RA room. My mom came up to help me but we did the vast majority of packing after 7pm on Friday night. We then packed up the little bit that was left this morning and stuck it all in a u-haul to bring to my storage unit. Everything will be stored till around May when I will move into an apartment with my Freshmen year roommate and her younger sister.

I made a list of everything that I would need to bring with me but honestly it didn't make packing much easier. Separating everything into Orlando, Home, and Storage piles was just a pain in the bum. I was able to talk to Katie (my roommate) the night before to figure out what shared stuff each of us would bring.

I managed to get most of it in the car but I will definitely need to reorganize so that my mom, her suitcase, and a tv can fit in the car. I went and purchased some of those space bags and plan on using them to get all of my clothes into one suitcase. I put all of my bedding in it including my comforter, down comforter, sheets and towels and it all fit.

My list of stuff to bring in case anyone is curious:

  • Pillowcases (2 sets)
  • Sheets (2 sets)
  • Comforter (1)
  • Down Comforter
  • Towels (2)
  • Wash Cloths (3)
  • Hand Towels
Bathroom Stuff
  • Shower Curtain
  • Toothbrush Holder
  • Over Door Towel Rack
  • Small Metal Shelf
  • Cloth Basket (3)
  • Plastic Rolly Cart (1)
  • Shoe Box (2)
  • External Hard Drive
  • Tv
  • DVD
  • Computer
  • Wireless Router
  • Printer
  • Lamp (Free Standing and Bed Clip)
  • iPod Radio
Kitchen (optional)
  • Mugs
  • Measuring Cups
  • Panini Grill
  • Cork boards
  • Dry erase Boards
  • Pictures
  • Jewelry Box
  • Alarm Clock
  • Tool Box (?)
  • DVDs
  • Books
  • Body Pillow
I am not really looking forward to packing up my car and then driving all of the way down to Orlando. Hopefully it will be easy and wont rain the whole way.

Thats all for now. Hopefully I can make a vlog soon. I asked Santa for a camcorder for Christmas. :D


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