Monday, January 3, 2011

D3DC: Day 23

Day #23: A Movie That Makes You Laugh

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

OMG. Roger Rabbit is a great comedic movie. I snort when I watch this movie. LOOOVVVE IT! I love Roger and Jessica. I bought a Jessica Rabbit pin when I visited Disney in 06 and I had no idea wtf pin trading was. I just bought the pin because it was Jessica. And Roger. How I love him. I am so sad there is nothing left of him at Hollywood Studios. I remember going when I was little and there was this whole warehouse thing like at the end of the film. I remember these boxes that were labeled with things like box of laughs and when you opened them laughter came out. There was also a big steam roller breaking through the wall like in the movie. There is a picture somewhere of me as like a 2 yr old "crawling" out from under the rolling aspect. :( Now that whole area is the Studio Prop Shop store next to the Monsters Inc. character meet and greet location. They still have the Acme Bricks hanging from the ceiling and some of the old props. While he is pretty much all gone from the parks he can still be seen on the back side of the Animation building, but only by CMs. He is kinda hidden too.

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  1. Roger Rabbit was a huge favorite of mine, and it's a shame they've downplayed him so much. Especially in Hollywood Studios, where he fits in so perfectly. I hear they're working on a sequel, though, so maybe he'll make a comeback.