Sunday, January 9, 2011

D3DC: Day 29

Day # 29: Favorite Park Attraction

There is a tie for this post. Mainly because I am to lazy to choose one. But also because I really like them both. So in no particular order, my two favorite park attractions.

Tower of Terror
I like the ride in and of itself but I think my favorite part of this attraction is the themeing. I absolutely love all of the old stuff in this ride. I'm really into this time period in general so I kinda love the fact that the themeing is so spot on. Maybe one day I will dress all vintage-y and go ride it. :)

Rockin Roller Coaster
Yet again, I like RRC for the ride itself. The roller coaster is quite fun and the take off is quite fast. But honestly thats not the reason I love this ride as much as I do. I absolutely LOVE the music. Aerosmith is awesome and listening to it while going really fast is fun. I have a specific song loop that I like best but rarely get. I mean what's not to love about getting to listen to Aerosmith while waiting in line? 30 mins of that... ok! 


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