Tuesday, January 4, 2011

D3DC: Day 24

Day #24: A Movie That Makes You Cry

So I am a cold hearted biz-nitch that rarely if ever cries because of a movie. I can think of only 2 that have made me cry and neither of them are Disney (or a Disney owned company). However, I do have something that I think counts.

The first time I saw a Disney movie after I finished my CP, I cried when I saw that intro (the castle part, not the steamboat willie part). By cried I mean I shed a few tears, like drip drip. I have absolutely no idea what movie I was watching. I also teared up when I saw it at the beginning of Tangled. For whatever reason it gets me all chocked up. I think it is because I miss the magic. I miss that feeling I get when I worked there.

On a side note, I'm not missing it to much right now because I AM IN ORLANDO RIGHT NOW! My 10 day vacation has officially begun. I am going to try super duper hard to keep posting these every day. :)


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