Monday, January 10, 2011

D3DC: Day 30

Day # 30: Your favorite park show

So I guess technically my favorite park show is a parade, but it has a show stop and spends most of its time stationary. SO! I think it counts as a show.

Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party

I honestly didn't really got into this show until my friend was trained and cast in it. I love it now though. Its really high energy and of course my favorite part is the guest interaction. Guests are invited to dance with the dancers, stilts walkers, and characters. A good chunk of time is spent dancing in the streets with them. The reason I chose this over more traditional shows (some of which I like a lot such as FOLK) is because you get to interact with the performers. I think that it makes this show special. Its the reason Block Party Bash was my favorite parade. Anyway. MiSiCi is awesome and amazing and pretty much rocks.

Sheer Awesome-ness!


PS: This is the last 30 day challenge post. :( sad day. But its ok because I am going to be a good blogger and post regularly even though it is finished.

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