Friday, January 21, 2011

Post Interview Review

I interviewed for my second CP this evening with a lady named Danielle. She was nice but honestly not as peppy/enthused/interested as I would have hoped. I didn't really get much feedback from her. It was quite the question and answer style interview not so much a conversation. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

 Me during my interview.

I got asked questions about why I wanted to do the program, what sort of work experience I had other than the CP, a difficult thing I had to in one of my past jobs, and other sorts of generally experience. I have worked at GAP before so she asked if I had register experience. She how do I deal with doing multiple tasks at once with lots of stuff going on. She really only asked like one question for each of the roles I chose (Performer, Attendant, Photopass, BBB, Attractions, Merch, Concierge). She didn't ask any questions for Attendant (because I have experience there) or BBB or Concierge.

At the end I asked her how she started with the company and if she had done a CP. She said that she had done a CP in Attractions. From there she worked in lots of different roles including Hotel Management and at Disneyland Paris. She then said that there are lots of opportunities including PIs. She said that is is about thinking outside the role though. Going to the offered seminars and really putting yourself out there and networking. I am really glad I asked her that question because I really do want to make a career with the company and tips on how to do that is really helpful.

Over all I think I did pretty well. I will say I am second guessing myself though. Was I outgoing enough, did I get across my excitement, etc. I would hate to not get accepted for a second CP. I don't think that will happen but a part of me is unsure and nervous. She said I should hear in 2-3 weeks which basically means just as I am preparing/taking a major test I am taking to gain hours to graduate and preparing/going to Nebraska to visit my friend Joseph. It would be pretty awesome to find out while in Nebraska while I'm with Joseph. I know he would love that.

Anyways thats it for this one. I have been updating my interview question list so the link in the post before this one is as up to date as can be. If you want it or need it go take it!


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