Thursday, December 30, 2010

Selecting Potential Roles

Its getting close to application time for the Fall 2011 CP season. One of the most important aspects of the application process is deciding what roles to check on the role checklist. Its kind of a big deal. What you check off is the list from which your eventual role (if you are accepted) will come from.

Obviously the more roles you check off the better your chances are of being accepted simply because you allow more room for the recruiters to place you especially as the application seasons goes on and roles begin to fill up. As a result of this I think a lot of people who really really really want to do the program will check anything and everything almost without thought. I read on facebook, disboards, and blogs where people say they don't care what role they are as long as they are in Orlando and at Disney. So they check everything on the checklist or when asked by an interviewer to add things to their list, they do. 

In my opinion that is not the best choice to make. I think that it is incredibly important to be realistic and honest with yourself when checking roles on the role checklist. Both times I have applied, I only checked roles that I knew I would not only be willing to do but that I would be happy doing. I didn't get in the first time I applied but I know that if I had checked a role such as housekeeping and ended up going I probably wouldn't have been happy. I know myself and I know how difficult and physically challenging that role can be. As a result I know that not selecting that role, even if it meant I didn't get accepted, was the best decision. If I had checked either Quick Service Food & Beverage or Custodial I probably would have been accepted to Fall 09 because they need so many people to fill those roles, but I wouldn't have been happy.

I think that people really do think that as long as I'm in Disney I will be happy, no matter what my role. But what you may not realize until you are down there and on the CP is that you are there to work and most of your time will be spent working. Yes you will play and have fun, but they have you there to work and that is what you will predominately be doing. So if you have a role that is just something you said you would do but not something you really honestly wanted to do, your not going to enjoy your time. If its a role that you don't like AT ALL but you thought you would be able to put up with to be at Disney, it will SUCK! 

One of the best parts of my CP experience was my role and the incredible times I had while at work. If I had gone in Fall 09 as say QSFB I honestly don't think I would have had as fun a time as I did. As snooty as that may sound, that role wouldn't have made me happy. 

I guess what I am trying to say with this post is be honest with yourself and only select what you would truly enjoy doing. If thats everything on that damn list, more power to ya! But if it is only 5 or 6 roles, don't pick things you wouldn't actually like doing just to make it to Orlando. It's really not worth it. I have heard far to many people bitch about the CP because of their job and I always wonder if they just checked that role to make it to Orlando thinking it was going to be a fun easy break from school. News flash people: its not a 5-7 month long spring break! Your there to work! It can be fun, but don't ever lose sight of that. 


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  1. Thanks for posting this blog! I know that's one of my biggest fears - not putting down enough roles on my checklist and then being SOL. But you're completely right in the fact that it's not a 7 month SB, but rather a job. So I should put stuff down I'd only be happy with.

    Great + helpful post!