Monday, December 13, 2010

D3DC: Day 2

Day #2: Your Favorite Princess

This has actually changed over the last few weeks. I have fallen in love with Rapunzel. She really reminds me of myself. She is crafty. I love to do crafty things. I like to paint and draw. I LOVE to collage things. She is a joyful, free spirit and very curious which are things I can identify with. She also seems to make friends easily.

And beyond having a similar personality we look alike. I have blonde hair and green eyes. And for most of my life I have had reallllly long hair. When I was a senior in high school I cut off 13 inches and I have never gone back to having it long, but before that I was definitely a Rapunzel look a like.  And actually I have similar hair to her short haired look. So basically she is awesome and I love her. 


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