Friday, December 10, 2010

I have returned!

So I am officially (as of 2 days ago) finished with this semester.


That is not only exciting because this semester has been hellacious but also because that means I have more time to update this thing! woot woot! If I am totally honest even though I don't update this thing like I should, I love it. I love going back and reading what I wrote when I was on my CP. I wish I had written more. I guess that is just the promise I will have to make to myself next time around, to write more frequently.

I'm not going to lie, I see CP blogs with a ridiculous ammount of followers and I am jealous. I want people to find this stuff interesting and helpful and decided to follow it. But I don't want to go out and solicit for that. Not to say I'm not happy with my 42 followers! I am! I LOVE YOU ALL! I love to look at the stats for this blog and see that even if people don't follow it, they visit. It just makes me incredibly happy.

Nerdy Marion is looking forward to starting the process of applying not just to get started (which is a huge reason) but to document it. I want to be helpful to others. :D

So! In other news... Holiday season means possible Disney gifts. I got myself a super adorable sweater from the Forever 21 Minnie Mouse inspired Minnie Muse line. I will take a picture of me in my super cute sweater soon. :) I asked for a few Disney books for Christmas so we shall see if I get them. The Blockbuster near my aunts house was closing so she called and asked me what movies I might want. She got me 14 movies, most of which are Disney. So I will be getting some of those for Christmas although some will be saved for my birthday in March.

In other really freaking exciting news... I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! for a 10 day vacation. :D And that vacation starts in exactly 25 days, 2 hours, and 26 mins (the time my flight leaves Houston). I bought my tickets at the end of October for $150.60. That is for a round-trip non stop flight. 8O (read that as a shocked face) Southwest had a deal going on at the time I bought them. The next day the same tickets on the same flights cost around 120 dollars more. To say the least I am quite happy with the deal I got. :) 

I am so beyond excited to go back home. Many of my friends will be there at the same time including some of the all important training group.  I will be staying those 10 days with my twin/bff. Which is super awesome because I miss him like crazy but also because that means I don't have to spend money on a hotel room. I will get to play for 10 days in the happiest place on earth and the place I call home. I may try to pick up a shift not because i need to (thank you seasonal june/july) but because I miss my job. I want to experience that magic again. The one thing I am not looking forward to is having to come back home. I know it is going to just suck. It will make me experience PDD all over again.On the bright side when I come back from my vacation there will only be about 2 weeks (ish) till applications come out.


On a side note I think I am going to start that Disney 30 day challenge. It may end up taking more than 30 days since my vacation will fall in the middle of the challenge. And lets be honest here, I'm not sure how dedicated I will be to posting the 30 day challenge while on vacation. However it would probably be good practice for making myself post even when busy with other Disney things. Hummm.. I accept this challenge. I'm going to rock it!

That is all for now. Love you all!

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