Friday, December 24, 2010

D3DC: Day 13

Day #13: Your Least Favorite Song

I don't totally hate this song but it definitely has the power to annoy me. Snow Whites voice is ridiculously high and warbly. The words are kinda oh someday he will get around to coming to sweep me off my feet and marry me, which is annoying to me. Basically the song annoys me greatly.

Some Day My Prince Will Come


  1. Hey there :] It's mickeyonasticky from the Dis! I was wondering where you got the list for the Disney 30 Day Challenge posts. It sounds like something fun to do while I'm waiting for my January 10th check-in day!

    P.S. My blog is if you want to take a peek!

  2. Oh haha I forgot to say that I -also- can't stand Someday My Prince Will Come. I realize that this song came out in the 1930s, so that was kind of the style.. But it's not my style. haha :]