Tuesday, December 21, 2010

D3DC: Day 10

Day #10: Your Favorite Disney Song

With as much difficulty as I have had in selecting some of the subject for my previous 30 day challenge entries, I am almost surprised at how easy this particular entry is. I mean picking just one favorite Disney song is a big task, but I guess not for me. As I think I have mentioned before (maybe not) as a child I loved Lady and the Tramp. I remember asking for it on VHS when I was little and at one point it was definitely my favorite movie.

This song is from Lady and the Tramp. Its a song that I randomly find myself singing. In fact I randomly started singing it today when I was microwaving my food at work. Its a classic and I love it. I think I partially love it for the old sound. It was sung by Peggie Lee. You really can't get much better than that. So here it is He's A Tramp as sung by Peggie Lee.


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  1. I LOVED this video! I love the Lady & the Tramp, and I can't believe I hadn't seen this before.