Friday, December 17, 2010

D3DC: Day 6

Day #6: Your Favorite Animal

Louis the Alligator
I LOVE him. He makes me laugh. In fact my favorite part of The Princess and the Frog are all of the awesome supporting characters. I like them more than I like Tiana. But back to Louis. Some of the things he says are totally things I say. Such as this:
I totally yell, and yes I do mean yell, MAN DOWN MAAAN DOWN! when I am leaving a friend or get left by a friend. Or really whenever I feel it is necessary. When I saw this scene in the film I died. I was like !! YOU GO GATOR YOU GO! He is just ridiculous which is totally something I can understand and appreciate because I am ridiculous too.

 gif from: fuckyeahdisneygifs

I wish I could meet him in the parks, but sadly the only time he ever came out was for Tiana's Showboat Jubilee which has gone bye bye. The only way you could meet him at the time was if you were chosen to go on the boat. I think he occasionally comes out of the swamp for special events such as marathons. But the likelihood of me ever running a marathon is slim to umm ya NONE.

I love you Louis!

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