Wednesday, December 15, 2010

D3DC: Day 4

Day #4: Your Favorite Prince

So when I was thinking about who my favorite prince was, I knew that I liked the princes that have personalities. Most of the older ones (Snow White-Little Mermaid) don't really have defined personalities (IMO). That left me with 4 princes to choose from; Beast, Aladdin, Naveen, and Flynn. While I do like all 4 of them, Aladdin is my favorite although Naveen is pretty awesome too.

I think I like Aladdin because he is a heartwarming character. At the beginning he is a stupid boy who thinks you have to act a certain way (aka kinda duesche-y) to get a girl. But he figures out in the end that just being himself is what works best. I have always really liked that he freed Genie in the end. I donno... Aladdin is just a likeable guy. 
A horrible picture of Aladdin and I. But its the only one I have...


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