Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What A Waste of My Time!

I met with Andrew the internship coordinator today. To say the meeting was a complete waste of my time is a huge understatement. I thought that "Oh this is an internship coordinator, he will be able to help me coordinate the internship with school." Wrooooong. Basically the whole entire point of the conversation was to cover the University's ass (excuse my french).

Kim Livingston basically directed me to this guy so he could rain on my parade a little more. Andrew brought me into his office sat me down and turned on the clouds to a nice steady mist. The kind that you don't even realize your a wet from until like 5 mins have passed. Which by the way, this meeting didn't even last that long.

Andrew asked what I wanted to ultimately get out of this program. I told him that my dream is to eventually work full time for Disney. I told him that I had already applied and interview and that I was just waiting to audition. That led to the topic of roles. I don't remember exactly what was said but basically he wanted to make sure I knew that I wouldn't be working in the marketing or advertising departments. I told him that I knew that and that I had really researched about the program to make sure it was something I was going to enjoy. He then said that was good and that is what I should have done.

Turns out that the reason he was making sure that I knew I could be making beds was because some students had gone down to Disney and didn't end up working in the advertising department like they expected. They hated it and so they called their parents. The parents were obviously pissed that the school had recommended this program and so they called Sr. Donna the Provost and complained to her. Sr. Donna then rained down the complaints asking why are we recommending this program if students end up housekeeping? So this is the reason that now all students that are interested in the program must be sat down to have it explained to them that they will not necessarily be doing anything related to their major.

** Sassy Pants Warning**

All I can say is NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Those students who complained must have been morons! How can you make it through the website, presentation, and interview without realizing what exactly each role entails? And how can you think you will be working in the advertising or marketing department when THERE IS NO ROLE LISTED FOR THAT! Did you sleep through everything it took to get down there? If that is the answer then they didn't deserve to have a spot in the CP, in my opinion. Some other person probably would have enjoyed it more and deserved it more since they ACTUALLY PAID ATTENTION!

When I was in this meeting I thought "Okay I understand they are covering their own asses. I am okay with that, I get it." I kept expecting that after this little preliminary conversation was over that he would actually start being helpful. But then he stood up and I realized that the little rain storm was the whole entire point of the meeting. In the time it took me to walk out the building (1 min tops) I worked myself into a great big ball of frustration and sass.

I don't fault the school. This world is filled with stupid people, especially young people, who will ignore, ignore, ignore- till the truth smacks them in the face. I am not one of these people. My mama didn't raise no fool. (sassy head jiggle included) I did my research and unlike others I made very sure that I only chose roles that I was completely willing to fulfill. If Disney only has a place for me in Quick Service Food and Beverage or Housekeeping, I am quite willing to turn that position down. I know myself and I know that I would be unhappy in that position. I can always wait until the next semester and apply again to get a position that I could be happy with.

Not that that is likely to happen. :D I am quite confident that I will be a Walt Disney World character performer this coming fall.

Also in case anyone is keeping track I am now up to 5 degrees of sucks-for-you-we-love-bureaucracy run around. Back to Kim to talk about classes and such. I also plan on talking to Stephanie Martinez the professor whom I plan to take my internship class with. I have hopes that she might be able to shed some light onto what I have to do within the internship class in relation to my internship with Disney. EX: Do I need to get a "contact" signed? If so by whom? and by when?

Wish me luck as I continue my large bass-ackward journey towards coordinating school with Disney.


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