Monday, April 6, 2009

Long Time No Update

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. Or at least it feels that way. I think the last post included a tidbit about getting the run around from St. Eds but I will elaborate.

Last fall when I first decided that I really wanted to apply for the program, I spoke to my adviser about the who I might need to talk to about having classes I take at Disney transfer back to St. Eds. He told me that I should talk to the registrar. I filed that away in my memory and when the time came to start looking into transferring classes again I pulled that bit of info out of my mental storage unit. While I absolutely love my adviser, he obviously did not really know what he was talking about. I was smart and called the Registrar before I walked all the way to their office. Whoever I spoke to decided that I needed to talk to someone in the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Let me just say that the first thing I thought was "I reaaaaallly don't think that is who I need to be talking to" but I let them transfer me anyway. I then talked to the receptionist in the Undergrad Admissions office. After a very long explanation in which I had to restate a few times that I was a current St. Ed's student, the receptionist told me that I should talk to the admissions counselor in charge of transfers, Tracy Canales.

So even though I was pretty much positive that wasn't who I needed to talk to, the next day I walked to the main building to talk to this lady. Turns out I was right, she wasn't who I needed to talk to. One point for Marion! woo! She told me I should talk to the Dean of my school (Humanities), Kim Livingston. Tracy was quite helpful and looked up all of the info I would need to contact Kim. As soon as I got out of Tracy's office I called Kim but she was not in her office. I left a message explaining what I wanted to know and asked her to call me back when she got a chance.

I think she called me back either the next day or 2 days later. She asked me how I found out about the program and then told me that they (the humanities office?) no longer recommend the program. Their reason for this is that students can end up doing things that have no relation to their major. She specifically mentioned making beds. She then said that I should talk to Andrew Harper who is the Internship Coordinator in the Career Planning office. She also said that as long as I can provide a course description or a syllabus then she is the one that will be able to let me know if credits will transfer.

Basically I got run around in a HUGE circle only to have someone rain on my Disney parade. My thought on the whole "tasks that don't relate to your major thing" is that I am a communication major and more specifically a advertising and public relations specialization. The all of roles I checked off have direct guest interaction. In any of these roles I will be the face of Disney to guest who interact with me. That is the definition of Public Relations. So Poo POO on that excuse!

I finally got around to scheduling an appointment with Andrew. I have absolutely no ideas why I am talking to him and what I will be talking to him about. However I think he might be able to help me coordinate the school/program aspect. Perhaps he will even be able to put me in touch with CP Alumni that went to St. Eds and were Comm majors.

I also ended up going to the live presentation at UT last Friday but since I feel like this post is super long I will talk about that in my next post.

I hope everyone has a super terrific day!!


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