Sunday, April 19, 2009

Audition... Part Deux?

Ahhhhh. It is now officially over. I can hardly even believe that it was this morning. It already seems like a day ago at least. I think I did pretty well. It is rather hard for me to tell though because I have nothing to compare it to. If nothing else I know I did the best that I could in the time given to me.

I figure I will talk a little bit about the structure of the audition. The sign in time was 9:30 but I decided to get there at 9. I didn't look at my watch but I actually think they might have let us in a bit earlier. Once we got in the sat us down and briefly explained how to fill out the sign in form. The recruiter then passed out the forms and some pens. After we filled out the form we lined up to sign in and get our number. I signed in and received the number 12. After we singed in we were sent to another line where we were measured. I actually found the measuring to be quite amusing. I am exactly 61 inches/5'1. I am exactly that tall to the point that others can be measured against me. Since that is one inch out of the preferred height range I had a feeling that they might measure me down. Initially the guy said "59 annnnnndd... no actually 60 and 3/4". I was amused because he really tried to measure me down 2 inches but that is a whole lot. In the end I guess it was just too much. lol

.... Hummmm so I am actually pretty pooped so I think I will finish this post tomorrow.


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