Thursday, April 30, 2009

So my lazy ass self never finished my audition post. Basically all 93 of us learned the dance and worked on characterizations together in one room. We practiced the dance several times and then we were sent into a hallway to line up in numerical order. We had some time to practice before they took the first group of 6 in. I was #12 so I was in the second group. I chose to work on my characterizations over the dance b/c I didn't like how they looked. I thought I did relatively well on the dace part. I am not a dancer but I went the right direction and smiled a lot. I thought I did good on the characterizations. I came out thinking positively. After a few days I began to doubt that I passed but I was ok if I didn't because I thought I would get in.

Well I ended up being rejected. I got my letter in the mail today. I am definitely sad. It never even crossed my mind that I wouldn't get in. I thought that it was a possibility that I wouldn't get character performer but I never thought I would totally flat out be rejected. But that is what happened.

I am trying to be positive about it. On the positive side I will be able to be a RA again next year. Hopefully I will get the freshmen studies/rhet & comp intern position. I won't have to worry about coming back in the fall and having to find a place to live. I can apply again in the spring and hopefully be accepted to that. And if I do get accepted I can extend my program into the summer.

Downsides: I was really looking forward to being in Florida this fall. Really just in the fall in general. It will be cooler in the fall and I think perhaps less busy. I would get to be there for Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas which would be interesting since I have only ever been to Disney in the Summer time. I guess those could also be a positive though since I will be able to be with my family.

Quite honestly I am trying to be analytical/logical about this. I got my letter right before my afternoon class so I had some time to separate myself from the sadness. I had my three second cry and now I am moving on. I still want to do the program and I know I will. I just have to work on shifting my focus from Disney back to my school plan.

Life goes on... and so will I.


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