Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Way to long..

It has been far to long since I updated. July 8th? That was almost a month ago! I absolutely refuse to be a bad blogger and never update. So this is my renewal of dedication to blogging once a week.

Anyways. I got my updated codes back about a week ish after the SECPS. I now have a 3/4 and was able to preference various parades and such. Which is awesome but who knows if it will do anything for me. In other parade news casting for the Halloween parade has gone out. I know of at least like 10 CP performers who were cast in it. In addition to those 10 who were pulled for that there are many others who have been pulled and trained for other parades or are getting to go through parade orientation. I will be honest and say I am jealous and it makes me quite unhappy to have so many people I know getting oriented and trained and I just sit here and get the same shifts over and over and over. I realize that my bitching about such a thing seems ridiculous given the opportunity I have been given. I am a performer at Walt Disney World. Why should I complain? Right? ... Well you would think that and while I logically know that, the fact that I see so many people around me getting these opportunities I can't help but get a bit down when I don't get them too.

I console myself with the fact that if I were to get cast in the Halloween parade I wouldn't be able to go to the parties as a guest since I would be working. That means I wouldn't get to wear my awesome costumes in the parks. And I am really looking forward to that.

In other news I have started going to Entertainment workshops as well as some of the networking programs that the CP puts on. I went to the Alumni Speaker Series featuring Alumni who now work in various areas of Entertainment. There were tech specialists, production assistants, show managers, and some others. 7 people in all although one of them was not an alumni of the program. It was really interesting to hear what they had to say and I'm really glad I went. I talked to a few of the speakers about my interest in applying for the Entertainment Management PI when they come out and received some encouraging responses. On the Entertainment workshop front I registered for and will be attending a workshop on Friday in which I learn bit of the christmas parade choreography. Hopefully by going I will get my face out there and get myself cast in something. I also plan on going to the Beginning Movement workshop that is in mid August. I figure the more people who get to know me and see me the better off I will be. Not only in regards to getting cast in things but in getting my name out there for when I apply for the Entertainment PI. The next step is starting to get some connections for the Communication PIs I will want to apply for.

It is absolutely crazy to think that the "advantage" portion of my program is almost over. I am looking forward to the end of the summer though and the eventually cool down in both crowds and temperature. I know I have only been posting about work stuff but I have been enjoying my time here with friends as well. I will post some pictures from that soon.



  1. There you are! I actually clicked over to your blog earlier this morning, because I was hoping I had missed the latest post, and was sad when I realized it really had been since the 8th - so you made my day! Thanks :)!!

  2. Oh Marion! I can't believe I haven't seen you around yet, and we live in the same complex :/. Either way, I wish they had pulled you for face, I know you would have great as a certain blond fairy.

  3. Hi Marion! I thought I recognized you when I went to the movies with a bunch of people and I "met" you! Turns out that I had been reading your blog on and off for a while now :)
    I'll stop being a creeper now...
    -Katie from Costuming ;)