Thursday, July 7, 2011

Face and Codes

So instead of stories and thoughts on my character friends, this update is about the practical/business aspects of being in entertainment (aka auditions and such).

I mentioned in my last post about another face audition that I could go to on the 5th. Well the time has come and tomorrow is the day. I'm still rather hopefully about my chances of getting pulled but I'm not going to place any bets. And I'm pretty sure that no matter what happens I will be perfectly fine. Why you might ask? Because I now have other goals that are more within my control. 

About a week ago (give or take... Disney screws with my days), my animation and movement scores finally showed up. When I wrote a post about auditions I mentioned that is consists of two parts, animation and movement (dance). Based on your audition you get scores for those two things. They used to be called color codes and your color represented your level of skill. Since January entertainment has switched to a number coding system where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. My scores are a 2 in movement and a 4 in animation. I am really happy and proud of my animation score. When I auditioned I put a lot of effort into those animations and its nice to know that paid off. On the other hand I know I didn't really showcase my dancing ability during my audition because I was so focused on my animations. While I'm not a dancer, I also know I'm not a 2. So I will be going to the audition on Wednesday that is for current entertainment cms. Its specifically to update your coding (and get your face out there). I am going to be shooting for a 4 and hopefully will be able to raise my movement score to at least a 3. I'm hopeful that I can manage to do that. 

From what I have learned you need at least a 3 to be able to do parades. While I was able to express an intertest (there is a formal way to do it based on your coding) in both Halloween and Holiday/Christmas parades, if I ever want a chance at being able to express interest in any of the other parades I need to get my movement score up. Unlike some people I don't have my heart set on being in parades, I'm not a professional performer so its not something I NEED to do. But it is definitely a dream that would be awesome to fulfill.

So while neither of these things (face and a higher movement score) are things that I will be devastated (aka cry, feel horribly depressed about, feel like a failure if not achieved) if I don't get, I really do want them both. Its nice to have goals for yourself and I'm happy that at least one of these goals are things that I have the ability to control. 

I will be sure to post the results of both of these auditions. I know I would be curious about what happened if I was reading this. But then again, this is my blog. tehehe. :)


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