Friday, July 8, 2011

Dancing into the Future

The audition results are in!

I didn't get pulled for face. They didn't even glance at me for more than a second this time. A little annoying but seeing as how there is nothing I can do in that department, I have decided to not be bothered by it. The one cool thing about the day is one of the people checking people in and giving them numbers was a lady named Katie. Katie is one of two people who are called Performance Specialists who come around and observe everyone in the entertainment department and basically give them feedback about how to improve. The observe both performers and attendants. Well the cool thing was when I was checking in I had to give them my last name so they could look up my height and when I said my last name Katie said "Your a performer now?" I was confused because while I knew who she was I didn't expect her to remember me. She then said "You were an attendant right?" and I was like "Yes! I'm finally a performer now. 3rd audition was the charm." It made me really happy that she remembered me. She only observed me once (Abrah the other part of the pair observed me the other time) and that was close to like a year and a half ago. She either has a really good memory or I made a good impression. Hopefully both. :)

As for the SECPS movement/animation audition I think it went pretty well. I was really nervous when I got there. Nervous might not be the best word to describe my feelings but I wasn't at ease. It was definitly a fear of the unknown thing but I had my wonderful roomie Kryssy with me to chill me out.

Side note: Have I ever mentioned how much I love my roommates? They are all beyond amazing. They are all so supportive and loving and I really couldn't ask for better girls to live with. The best part... I still have like 5.5 months with them. :)

Back to the audition. I keep calling it an audition but it really isn't one. Its incredibly similar to a regular entertainment audition but like the choreographer Marissa (same as my last cp audition) said we already have jobs! No need to stress because we do this stuff every day. Very true and somewhat relaxing statement. It really is more of a coding update thing. Anyways. I was all uneasy and stomach in knots but it turned out well. Katie checked me in again which was nice. I was number 77 and Kryssy was 79 so we were in the same group. They took our pictures with our numbers like at the other auditions although at this point I'm not sure why. I guess they do it at every audition/coding for casting purposes. I have heard that this SECPS is where they start to look at people to cast for Halloween and Christmas. Eh. Anyways.

They called out random numbers 2 separate times to pull people for an advanced dance thing but interestingly it was before anyone was ever taken back for the first dance/animation portion. From what I understand from a girl who was pulled for this they did a combination to Festival of the Lion King music, a 2nd combination to music from Disney Channel Rocks, and a 3rd combination to "Magic Kingdom" music. I was in the 2nd group to get called and was taken back to a big wide room where we were taught the movement combination. It wasn't really hard. It seems that the movement combinations always seem to include a box step, grape vine, march in place, and some sort of turn. So for anyone curious as to how to do well at disney movement exercises... learn how to do those things and you will be one step ahead. lol.

As for the animation, we were only given one and it wasn't a set senario. They simply said to act out something that one of your furry friends might do. So very vague, which made things slightly more difficult. I took a page out of my training and helped Donald find some hidden treasure. Since there was only 1 scenario we were given we did the animation, dance, different or continued animation, dance. Our group of 10 was asked to do the dance one extra time as well. I was really grateful for that because I felt like I may have did the best the last time. Who knows if the casting people were looking at me that time but whatever.

I have no idea when my new scores will show up. I didn't think to ask someone that night but I am going to try to ask a manager next time I work. I think I did better in the movement portion than I did last audition. Hopefully enough to at least get me a 3. I also hope that I didn't manage to drop my animation score because I have found out from telling other people my score that it was a really great one. I guess I knew that seeing as how it is a 4 out of 5 but I didn't know that it was as hard to get as it sounds like it is. I feel like I did just as good as my initial audition and if they gave me a 4 then I can't see why they wouldn't now.

Hopefully good things come of this coding as well as going to as many auditions as possible. I really do want to get my face out there. I'm not sure where I want to go in this company and while I know I don't want to stay as a front line performer (or really any other role) for very long, I do know that people knowing who I am and my dedication to doing a good job can only result in good things.

Thats all for now my lovely readers. Because I don't say it often enough I love you all too and I read every comment that yall write. <3!!


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