Friday, August 27, 2010

I want to go HOOOOOOOOOME!

I miss Disney so much its not even funny. It is so weird to me how 7 months has changed so much for me. How it happened I don't know but somehow over the 7 months I spent at Disney and in Orlando I made myself a home. I came to the realization last night that Orlando and Disney is my home. and I really want to go home.

Its hard for me to pin-point what it is exactly I miss so much. I definitely miss the friends I made, especially my twin. I miss the people I saw everyday (or almost everyday) at work. I think one of the things I miss the most is the magic. As cheesy as that sounds its true. There is just a feel to Disney that even when your day is going shitty because you had some asshole guests, its hotter than hell, and something in your work location goes all wrong, its still Disney and that means that its so much better than if all the same things had happened someplace totally different.

The magic is something I didn't realize was a part of my daily life until I moved back to Austin and school. I took it for granted. And I miss it so much. I truly worked at the Happiest Place on Earth. Working there made me really happy. Thinking about it brings a happy little bubble to my chest and a pressure to my face which usually means I am about to cry.

Austin just doesn't hold the same feelings for me that Orlando does. Its just not the same and I am very aware of it. If I truly let myself gush about Disney and the magic and all that that means, people would probably think I am a werido. One of those crazy Disney fanatics.

The other day in my Media and Professional Presentations class we were looking at past student presentations for an assignment where you have to act like you are the CEO of a company and are giving the annual report presentation to your stock holders. Some of the slides we looked at were from a presentation about Disney. We looked at the opening and closing slides, what my professor calls the "bookends." Slides that are just a picture that gives your presentation a professional look. I didn't know that we were going to see slides about Disney but up pops a slide that is of Cinderella Castle nestled in the clouds. The image was close to this one except without backwards "dreaming" text.

Immediately I said "awwwww" out loud. Then I started to get sappy smile. My professor also happens to be my academic adviser so he knew that I had been working at Disney the last 7 months. He asked me some random question about the dinsey logo and I just answered Uh-huh because I hadn't actually heard the question. I was lost in my own world. And then he flipped to the closing slide. This was the picture that made me tear up (minus the words).

I will say in my defense there were several other people in the class that all said "awwwww". However, none of them started to tear up. I honestly couldn't help it. I have such an affection for Woody that developed as a result of working with him while on my program. I think that the picture is particularly heart warming but when added to the fact that Woody is one of the characters I had the closest working relationship with and I am super Disney homesick, I think it is easy to see why I was so affected.

I commented on my tumblr that I wondered if I would spend the next 10 months (now a bit closer to 9!) feeling magnetically pulled to Orlando and Disney. If I would just feel like I am biding my time till I can return. I really hate for that to be the way I spend my senior year, but at the end of my first week of school, that is kinda the way it looks like it will be. I guess we will just have to see how I feel about that in a few months.

Thats all for now (folks!.. wrong company lol)


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