Friday, August 6, 2010

Disney... its like a bad addiction

So its official. I'm definitely addicted to Disney. I feel like that is probably one of those statements that are going to make people say "Duh!" but I have officially decided it is official. So...ya.

Over the last week I have become increasingly involved in the Fall 2011 CP Facebook group. I made a google map for the Fall 2011 group. I started one for the Spring 2010 group where people could post their locations on the map so that we (the collective group) could see where everyone was from. It was really cool to watch it grow. I wish I had taken pictures while it grew... but I didn't. I am going to do take screen shots this time around.

Humm... other Disney obsession news....

I have already started thinking about auditioning again. I have always known that I was going to audition again but I have actually started thinking about the process. Honestly my dream is to be a performer. Working with Characters for 7.5 months only made the desire to be a performer that much stronger. Perhaps by hanging out with Characters so much some of the necessary magic has rubbed off on me. I really hope so. And if nothing else after 7.5 months living and playing at Disney I should have the necessary knowledge of characters to come up with a convincing animation of meeting one of them. I am planing on taking Modern Dance (for credit whoop whoop) again in the spring so that I can brush up on my dance skillz. And by dance skillz I mean the ability to learn choreography at something other than a snails pace. First audition (which happened to coincide with the first time I took Modern Dance) I actually learned the auditioned dance. Second time... not so much. lol

That is really all of the Disney obsession things I can think about at the moment. I know there are more signs... but like I said, I can't think of them. So that is all for now. I will be good and post again later! :D


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