Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Magical Life

I'm currently sitting across from The Diamond Horseshoe in Magic Kingdom waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade. As I sit here I can't help but think how very blessed I am for so many reasons.

While familes hurry past to hit up as many attractions, shows, and even parades as they can, I can lazily stroll into the park at 8:00pm plop down in Frontierland to watch it and leave after knowing I can come back whenever I want.

I'm also blessed because I know that very soon I will be able to consider myself a parade performer. :) On the schedule that dropped this past Saturday I was scheduled parade orientation at Magic Kingdom. While I'm not exactly positive what all I will learn I do know that it means I will eventually get to be in a parade at Magic Kingdom. I will get to roll down Main Street smiling and waving at guests. That really is a dream come true.

The last few months have allowed me to fulfill several of my dreams for working with Disney. As some of my dreams have come to fruition, I have found that here are other dreams to take their place. I can only hope that I continue to be blessed with the ability to do the things I love to do and make magic for the company I love.


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