Friday, September 2, 2011

My Life is Crazy!

Its true. My life is crazy. I don't mean that as an excuse but as a statement of truth.

Its getting to be that time when Professional Internship listings go up. So I have been trying to get myself in the best position for those. I often feel like I am doing to little to late or really just that I suck at the whole self promotion networking getting my name out there thing.

Word to the wise, if you are in an Entertainment role, specifically performer, and are looking to network for future roles in maybe a different area.... Good Luck. I guess I didn't realize this but the global nature of a performers role is not an asset when it comes to getting to know management. I am literally never in the same place two days in a row. Managers are hardly ever around it seems and because I am never some place often the times when they are around, they are only going to see me once. So know one knows who I am and its difficult trying to ask for help when you feel like they don't know you. Maybe its just me but if I am going to ask someone to help me I at least what them to know who I am.

At this point I am relying on the two managers I knew from my time as an Attendant to help me. I have contacted one manager that I know from being a performer. I hope that she will help, but honestly I'm not sure she will even remember who I am. I hope I am underestimating my notoriety for lack of a better term. Maybe managers do know who I am.

In other news I got my first Great Service Fanatic as a performer the other day. Another performer got lost  and wasn't going to make it for their set time so one of the other performers and I split her set time to cover it. So instead of us both doing 20 min sets we did 30. It really wasn't a big deal to me and I didn't expect any sort of recognition so it was very nice to receive a GSF. I just didn't want those poor guests to have to sit there for 20 mins waiting for a character that should have come right back out just because I wasn't willing to go out there for a little longer.  I guess that is the definition of going above and beyond. Go figure.

Hummm other work tidbits... I am going to a face type out for Tokyo Disneyland. I would legit crap a brick if I got to work there. If you happen to go look at my Disney Dreams tab one of those is that I would love to work in one of the parks abroad. Working at Tokyo would be my top choice and if I could do that in an Entertainment role I might just die. They are going to be opening a new night time parade over there as well as their version of Fantastic which basically means if I were to work there, I would probably get to be in those. Insanity right? wahhhh I have never wanted to be pulled so bad. That audition is on Monday and I assume I would know relatively soon if I was offered a contract or not. I think that if I got offered that I would choose that over a PI. I probably would hardly even have begun the process for a PI at the time of an offer. I have always wanted to travel and this would be my opportunity. You have to do something like this while you are young and its not really something I will get multiple shots at. That just basically means I would have to take some community college classes in order to apply for another PI but I would do that if I needed to. But all this talk is basically just that, talk. I can't count my chickens before they hatch.

All I seem to talk about is work. Thats boring right? Maybe not. Unfortunately work seems to consume my life. I am really a boring person. I went out last night to see some of the D-fam at DTD and many of them remarked that they hadn't seen me in forever. One of them I hadn't met at all and she has been here longer than I have. I know I should go out more. I really enjoyed just hanging around with them last night. But I am so often tired and lazy. OR lets be honest here, consumed by my twin. He lives far away (aka an hour) so I often spend my two days off with him. And while I enjoy that and don't regret it, I also know that I am neglecting a lot of other people by doing that. Le sigh. Le kick myself.

Well I really must go. Literally. My computer charger is broken and so I can not charge it. And seeing as how the battery is at 19%... I really have no choice in writing any more. Its about to die on me.

Love you all. Sorry I don't write more often. If I did maybe my posts wouldn't be such massive books.



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