Friday, August 12, 2011

Friends New and Old

I wrote a little post today at work, but of course it didn't save. I was a spare today which basically means you sit around as a back up in case someone doesn't come in to work and you are needed. I wasn't actually needed today so I literally sat around and did nothing for 11 hours. Since I didn't have anything to do I decided to share some of the pictures I have on my phone of my various friends. Unfortunately it didn't save. But that is alright because I am just going to post those pictures and more! Picture posts are fun right?

Kryssy, Kat, and I flew over to Pixie Hollow to visit the Fairies. We met Tink and Rosetta. 

That same night we went to visit the boss and his girl at Town Square Theatre. Mickey loves me. I love him too. 

I also recently went to meet Jessie at Splash Mountain when she was there hanging out with Woody. We had a great time. 

Donald got a visit from my two friends Lisa and Emily. They gave him kisses which I am sure he loved. :)

Everyone loves Goofy! Or at least Jamie, Gianna, and I do. He is such a sweet guy. :)

That is all for this one. I have noticed that more often than not I take pictures of friends rather than with them. So I have a ton of pictures of other people, especially if they are in a parade or show, but not a ton of me. Also I love characters so 99% of my pictures are with characters. :) 

I will post again soon!


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