Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let the Training Begin!

So today is my first day of Guest Relations training. I am starting two days after the other 4 members of the group. Two other girls are going to MK, one to epcot, and one to studios.

Day one and two for me are the ATS (automated ticket system) training days. Aka ticket and money handling. When I worked for Gap I was trained to open and close the cash wrap and store safe. That always made me anxious. The idea of handling cash and counting it back Disney style
makes me uber anxious. Secret about Marion... I'm not good at math. I count cash handling as math. I am also learning a whole ton about tickets. By the time I'm done training I will be a Disney ticket guru.

As for the trainers all 3 are very nice. I have two guys (Michael and Nick) and one woman (Jenn). Both Michael and Nick used to work in Entertainment. Michael was over in Disneyland a fair few years ago and Nick was relatively recently I believe. They are all quite nice and Nick works at MK so hopefully I will probably see him around.

Anyway that is pretty much all for day one.


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