Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going Plaid

After my last post I got a few comments saying they were sad that I would be leaving Orlando and Disney. No worries there guys I didn't and don't have any immediate plans to leave Orlando. I just like to keep my options open.

I received some really exciting news 2 weeks ago. I got a call from one of the guest relations manager I had interviewed with and was offered a temporary assignment (TA) with guest relations at Magic Kingdom. I am very very excited for this opportunity. As of right now the TA is only about a month long but there is the possibility of extension. My training will start on the first and run till the 12th. Since my TA ends on the 25th I certainly hope it gets extended otherwise I will only get 12 days outside training. Lol.

While I am very excited about the TA it is to some degree bittersweet. I will still be a performer and I believe I will still be able to pick up shifts if I choose to. But I have no idea how long the TA will last and since I really hope that the TA will turn into something more permanent my time in Entertainment may be limited. If that is the case I will miss it. And I think I will always harbor regrets and a bit of unhappiness that I have never had the opportunity to be trained in a show or parade. I was hoping that this Holiday season would provide that but given the time period that casting happens and the fact that my TA overlaps with that I'm not sure I would get cast if I don't get extended.

But that is counting my chickens before they hatch. I haven't even started training yet! I will do my best to update this as much as possible with tidbits and stories about my new role. The benefit of Guest Relations is it lends itself to sharing via blogging a whole lot more than performing. (Downside- having to wear panty hose. Eww :) )


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  1. Congratulations!! Guest Relations is one of my dreams, and I know it's one of the most coveted roles at Disney, so to get a TA is really impressive! I hope you enjoy it! Please update often and tell us all about it :)